Worst Nightmare

So this morning I woke up with a horrible thought/feeling, the next thing I know is I can feel that I’ve had a leak, my worst nightmare especially when I am staying with friends in their bed! Instantly a huge part of me panics.

I start calling for 00Steve to lift the duvet and open the door. 00Steve asked what I needed which was my stoma supply bag, he luckily knew which bag I meant and grabbed my blue bag with all my ostomy supplies in as I dived into the bathroom which was luckily next door. I quickly stripped and started to clean up myself after removing the nightmare bag. THANKFULLY I managed to get to the bathroom without spilling any crap anywhere.

Once cleaned up etc I laid in the bed and just cried. Sure I’ve had leaks before but he hasn’t had to help me at all when it comes to my ostomy as I have always tried to be independent. However I think the fact I was at a friends it was more embarrassing. I obviously told Mrs Puddleduck later on and she did her best to reassure me but I still felt like a horrible house guest. It’s something that is often out of my control but because it is part of me I feel wholly responsible even though it in a sense has a mind of its own.

Once again thank you Puddleducks for not making me feel like I was some disgusting scruff ball and being so understanding. Love you both and next time I will pack an incontinence sheet to be safe! Being around people that knew I had just had surgery and that things were still unpredictable helped to make this nightmare a heck of a lot more bearable than it could have been.

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