Sorry for The Absence

I’ve been really run down and not able to get enough quality sleep, which when you work nights isn’t good at all! It especially doesn’t help with the chronic fatigue either! Probably dehydrated too but I think as the weather gets warmer I think I will have to make more effort to drink more. But that isn’t the only reason for my absence.
All my blood work came back normal or no further action needed. Which is typical that they can’t or won’t give me a definite second diagnosis on the fybromylagia so that’s pissed me off. There is no offer of help towards dealing with the joint pain either , so I have to carry on with feeling like a 90 year old woman. When my joints flare they swell up and I can barely move them, so other than just being a manifestation of my autoimmune disease I would like a diagnosis.

My brother in law married his perfect match a couple of weeks ago so now she’s officially my sister in law rather than unofficially like the last 5 years. This photo doesn’t do the bride quite enough justice because she was breathtaking. I met 00Steve’s dad and his wife for the first time too which was slightly nerve wracking for me but went well.

Ra-Ra was so good and well behaved we were so proud of her. We also think she looked absolutely gorgeous. The only downside to the day was the food but only because I was suffering from a blockage that weekend which didn’t help my appetite, that and I didn’t want to risk ending up with more surgery or a leak. But nobody mentioned my stoma bag or any bulge which was good, well except one of 00Steve’s cousins but she was one of my surgical nurses so totally different! So yeah they are the reason’s for my absence.

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