What The…?

So apparently when I’m looking in the mirror to put my bag on and not really paying attention I put my bag on with a major wonk! I did it last night and thought F*@# it but oh my God it drove me insane today. It made me feel EVEN fatter than I have in awhile, which is not a good thing for me to be feeling so I definitely need to start paying attention to my bag’s position when I apply it.

I mean seriously WTF! It doesn’t fill up properly at this angle, it is uncomfortable, it makes me look like I have an alien about to burst free. Let alone gives me serious dislike to my stoma which I haven’t had to deal with before and I am not a fan of that! However needing to change my bag to preserve what little sanity I had left, encouraged me to do a photogrid of me changing my bag. As originally inspired by a fellow ostoMATE  (yeah bethanypurnell!) on her instagram account. It shows in pictures what I do to change my stoma bag, considering it was quite hard to screenshot perfectly I think it turned out quite well!

Sure I’m a bit chubby today but I’ve eaten a lot and eaten happy! Which is a good feeling to have! I’m also keeping a food diary this week to share with you all once I’ve seen the dietitian next week…watch it be the most unhealthy I have eaten in ages!

Aaaah that is soooo much better by a long shot. Now my comfizz waistband will hold it in much easier and it’s more streamline position. It will also be easier to empty this way too rather than trying to get the angle into the toilet right that’s for sure.

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