Enjoy Your Bed?

Loads of people said it will be so nice to go home and sleep in my own bed. I met them with smiles and nods knowing it could possibly be the worst night I’ve had in a while. This is because before my surgery I a, slept on my side and b, I’d been sleeping on the sofa for about 3/4 weeks (my own choice)

Also in the hospital beds I bring the bottom of the bed all the way up and the back up a little bit. So coming home to a flat bed isn’t easy. Let alone knowing I’m only really comfortable once laying on my side.

But having the surgery meant everything is a little tender and even though I’m not overweight I have a bit of a tummy and everything kinda flops. 00Steve said it’s all in my mind so since he see’s me without all the issues my mind holds against how I look, I guess I should listen.

So I attempted to sleep in our bed last night. I managed at a few points with great difficulty to turn onto my side. I think I got a couple of hours sleep. It didn’t help when Ra-Ra woke up and I had to wake 00Steve up since he was flat out. Then she just refused to sleep until I noticed at 6 her flat out with her Owl by her stair gate. At 7 she woke up again and I just got up and brought her into our bed.


And they reckon they struggled to sleep ha ha!

Now my main issue right now is my output is rather loose and has been for probably longer than I want it too, but as it’s only new I’m not sure if that’s normal for now. I’ve eaten pasta and bread (white of course) and massively reduced my fluid intake to now avail. My dad nicely bought me a Mars milkshake and 00Steve made me a sausage sandwich both of which I think maybe possible triggers as they were both introductory items in my diet. I suffered with dairy for years anyway so may just have to hold off on that one. I wouldn’t care but I spent most of the day just sipping it. I just think we got crappy sausages. In a bit once my painkillers have kicked in I might suggest we go for my 30 minute walk.

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