What Have I Learnt from Cleaning?

As you may or may not remember I did a post a couple of months back where I talked about 00Steve’s mental health and how it is linked with how tidy the house is and I thought it might be an idea to talk about whether it actually made an impact and what if anything have I learnt  from cleaning the house more regularly.

Firstly I have learnt I am a Zoflora addict and use it all day everyday! My three favourite scents are:

  1. Linen Fresh
  2. Twilight Garden
  3. Bluebell Woods

I like to have the Twilight Garden upstairs and I use it in my bedroom – on my shelves/windowsills and in the bathroom – for instance a cap full in the toilet brush holder and in the toothbrush holder. I use the Linen Fresh on my work surfaces and general disinfecting like door handles, banisters and remotes. Then I use the Bluebell Woods one in my kitchen sink and kitchen bin. I have found that using these have helped make the house smell fresher and remind my brain that I have cleaned as the fragrance lingers more than just a disinfectant wipe.

In my front room I have been using tumble dryer sheets in my scatter cushions and changing them weekly has made a difference to the front room (instead of chucking them I have kept them in a baggie and I will soak them in Zoflora when the box of sheets has ran out- cheap and cheerful!) also using like a shake and vac helps with making the room seem fresh and clean which can be difficult with children!

I am planning on buying some plate stand type things for the cupboard so that it is easier for me to grab a plate instead of either taking a bunch out or trying to lift them. I feel even though they don’t look great they serve a purpose and hopefully will benefit my life as I really don’t want to buy new crockery just yet!

I have gone through areas of my house and cleared out clutter from cupboards and shelves which has made a noticeable improvement as the house is less cluttered. I have started deep cleaning each room once a week (not always on the same day) which has made it feel less overwhelming when it comes to tidying up plus I have started leaving toilet cleaner in the toilet overnight to ensure that is clean as with an ileostomy or IBD it can be an area of embarrassment for many.

So what has it been like for 00Steve? Well whilst he is somewhat distracted playing his xbox I figured I would try and ask him some questions – you may all know by now how little he has to do with the blog if he can help it! So I have tried to keep these short and sweet oh and try and space them out so it didn’t seem so obvious!

Have you noticed the house is tidier? Yeah it will be a lot better once the kitchen is decorated and we have less clutter in there.

Has it helped your anxiety? A little bit but once the kitchen is sorted it will be better, but I have appreciated it.

What has been the biggest improvement? The floor in the front room – this isn’t because I didn’t do it before but because I like the shake and vac stuff I do it more often.

So I guess it has helped our relationship in once sense as he moans less if I leave pots till the next day as he knows they will get washed, dried and put away because then I disinfect the sink. I have also alongside watching Mrs Hinch and following her tips, have started watching Marie Kondo, although as I did a lot of decluttering rather than cleaning in November I haven’t used any of her tips but I am going to look at getting her book at some point (yes I already have Mrs Hinch’s ordered!)

What are your tips and tricks? Does it help or hinder your mental health? Do you have anyone you like to follow on social media? Please let me know in the comments as I am becoming obsessed with cleaning – heck my parents bought us a window vax for Christmas!

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