Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

…Oh I do like to be besides the sea…although I’m not sure what the English Channel actually constitutes as sea-wise (my Dad say’s it’s the Atlantic Ocean so we will go with both!) but we stayed at Porthleven on the coast 6 miles away from Lands End in Cornwall.

Ra-Ra and buttony bear

We went to stay with 00Steve’s Dad and wife for a long weekend and it was absolutely beautiful, they were so welcoming and made us all feel right at home – couldn’t have asked for more! Although I guess a shorter drive without congestion would have been nice, but that is down to the stupid English motorways! We were literally counting down the counties, although I wanted to stop off in Derby to see a certain very special stoma sister of mine for a coffee but nope we had to keep going!

We had to stop off at three separate service stations as my bag kept filling up I blame being woke up to a horrific leak after seeing The Creepshow the night before, although Ra-Ra had been throwing up that morning and running a temperature so the stops gave her some fresh air. In her words she “is a tough little cookie” and was desperate to go on holiday to Cornwall to see her Grandparents.

After the like 8 hours it took us to get there through rain and fog we eventually arrived and unloaded the car, unsurprisingly my bag strap snapped – just my luck, yet nothing fell out thankfully. Paul aka Pampy was greeted by a crying Button overdue his bottle but within minutes you couldn’t tell as he was all smiles. Ra-Ra was making herself feel right at home by having a good snoop like any toddler her age would do (although next month she enters the pre-school age bracket *excuse me whilst I go cry at that thought*) Claire aka Nan was in a flap bless her that she was giving us hot dogs (but proper sausages) for tea instead of going out or having something more “substantial” daft sod as we all like hot dogs it was a perfectly good tea!

Soon enough we were drinking wine, red of course and nerves were dying down, or at least I felt like they were. We stayed up chatting gone midnight and had made loose plans on going into Porthleven and Praa Sands so Ra-Ra could go to the beach and 00Steve and I see more of Cornwall. Button obviously was basically coming along for the ride! We also had a beautiful view from “our” bedroom too!

The next morning we wandered into Porthleven, it’s such a pretty little place even if the weather was grey (thanks England) I chatted to Claire whilst 00Steve got reacquainted with his Dad. I had been placed on a mission, a mission to get Cornish vanilla fudge from the little stall in the harbour by my sister in law El Staco, I succeeded with this mission then she buggered off to Portugal and Spain before getting it so it still sits waiting for her! We walked along the pier, took photos by a cannon and I had had to get a Cornish pasty! Well when in Cornwall after all! Although I knew I couldn’t eat a proper pasty so I got a flaky pastry chicken and leek pasty and it was freaking HUGE, so big that I finished it off the next day!


We went to The Sandbar in Praa Sands (pronounced pray) and I had the most amazing tempura veggies that I will be recreating! Ra-Ra was just itching to get on the beach and when we finally got down to the sand I took her hand and we went running into the water with her. It was really nice for me that the first time either of us stepped foot in the water at the bottom of the country was together! We ran back to the others so she could build a sandcastle, what was super cute was the fact that once she dug a hole it filled up with water as the sand was soaking; so Claire and I put Button’s feet in the sea water puddle so he had been in the sea too!  For Nannie V I wrote a message for her in the sand, that her son does for her and as she is from Cornwall I thought it would be nice.

Afterwards we headed back to Porthleven and chilled out till teatime when we went to a gorgeous Italian restaurant that is owned by the manager of the band Queen’s daughter. Which I clearly had to tell my dad and my friend who are music mad, I thought it was pretty freaking amazing to be honest! More red wine was drunk when we got back again. Heck I drank so much red wine that weekend I can tell you it turns your output purple! Claire and I did discuss whether I should tip prosecco glitter into my drink to make my output glittery! Gotta love someone you can joke about poop with!

Porthleven Harbour, Cornwall

I had a full English for my breakfast courtesy of my father in law in the garden in glorious sunshine! Ra-Ra was having a whale of a time with Pampy in the paddling pool. It was 00Steve’s stepsister Chloé’s birthday so we went to Helston and played in the park, 00Steve, Paul, Ra-Ra and Dylan (Chloé’s son our youngest nephew) went out on a pedalo. So whilst they were feeding the ducks via the boat on the lake I fed Button and got to know Claire’s side of the family. I felt so at home as they all chatted away like my family would, mick taking and the like. Then more wine and sunburn in Claire’s mum’s back garden watching Ra-Ra and Dylan playing in her utterly gorgeous garden. We had Indian for tea and I had paneer for the first time and by gosh it was gorgeous! 5 am I rocked up to bed with double vision and questionable balance as I matched Claire drink for drink!!

Hungover but thankfully I wasn’t sick or had the room spin I just felt pretty weak so I finished off my pasty and spent most of the day feeling sorry for myself on the sofa! Claire cooked a beautiful lasagne that I had been looking forward to allllll day! Although due to the after effects of the hangover I became ravenous a few hours later and ordered a dominos pizza. We all had an early night as we had a loooooong drive home and Paul was back at work. But we are really looking forward to going back down to Cornwall to spend Christmas with them.

three generations

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