Gifts For The Aspiring Blogger In Your Life

Birthdays, anniversaries etc can be a right faff for trying to find things for those that you love, but if that someone loves to write, blog or vlog be it for money or pleasure I have a few things that would be the perfect gift!

Firstly you may have seen me drinking out of this on The IBD & Ostomy Support Show or on my YouTube videos! But I am sure it will 100% fit with how your loved one feels at least some of the time whilst blogging! Plus who doesn’t enjoy a nice cuppa of whatever you fancy?

What about if they like taking photos or recording videos? But they struggle to take photos that don’t blur or some other annoying tech hitch? Like their arm aching when doing a video? (I totally suffer this) this octopus style tripod is great at taking photos from any angle.

To keep on with the vlogging theme do you want to start videoing but have no idea where to start? Well I found this really good and easy to read book to give you plenty of hints and tips with starting up your own channel or just progressing with what you have.

Does the person you are buying for like to read or research? Well this blogging for a business book could be a perfect fit. It may not appeal to everyone that blogs but to some it may be a viable option and this book is perfect. It is quite handy to read in case it is something you may end up wanting to do further down the line.

What about if they feel shy behind the camera but really want to sound confident and really get their point across? Well look no further than Ted Talks, they have been helping people with inspiring talks for years.

Or what about a notebook? Let’s face it there is something that is just so right about making notes the old fashioned way and what’s better than giving someone their own personalised notebook? What I like about these are there are so many ones to choose from. I liked this one due to the font type as it made me feel like it was from an old criminal case file and I do love crime fiction! If you like the notebook idea head over to or click here!

*disclaimer* some of the links to the gift ideas I may get a few pennies if you buy it at NO extra cost to you.

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