I’ve Got My Purple Wings!

As you may know I was having a visit from Lauren and Sam who I made friends with because of Lauren’s charity Purple Wings. I thought they were just coming through to meet Ra-Ra and Button plus go for some lunch. Little did I know that it wasn’t entirely the case!

Lauren was a smidge tender from having a good time camping with her friends and family the night before and both her and Sam endured a 4 hour drive to mine! Lauren asked me what was up as I hadn’t been myself lately and I explained the personal stuff I am currently going through. They got to meet my adorable little lady and little mister before we headed out with Button to go get some lunch. Unfortunately the first pub we tried which is the closest to my house was busy, Now in my village and the surrounding ones for that matter pubs on a Sunday fill up fast! But thankfully there was another pub we were able to try up on what constitutes as our high street. We had to wait a little while for a table to be ready but at least we were going to get some food!

I had a lovely time chatting to the girls and Button was an absolute dream bless him. We left Ra-Ra helping 00Steve build her tree house as she is “fixer girl” *heart melts*. After we ordered our meals and Sam questioned me on the fact I just ordered pork! Hey! I eat veggie about 98% of the time, now and then I just fancy some pork or chicken! Then Lauren asked Sam to get something out of her bag and handed me an envelope which ended up being a £200 hotel voucher to over 150,000 different hotels around the world!

I was gobsmacked about receiving my grant and really had to fight back the tears even though some did manage to escape. I have always said I didn’t think I needed a “time for me” grant because I adjusted to life with an ostomy fine and never really knew of a life when I wasn’t sick. But having such a horrible start to Buttons little life predominately down to the lack of knowledge some medical professionals have regarding ostomies been nill, I guess I do when I think about it need some time with 00Steve where for a short period of time when we aren’t just mummy and daddy. As much as we love those names we are still people too and I need time to reflect on how far I have come and what I have gone through.

my purple wings grant

So with immeasurable thanks to everyone at the Purple Wings Charity, 00Steve and I will be having two nights in Paris. I used to look after a guy called Gerry who has sadly since passed and he always made me promise that if I was to go to Paris it was in April, because of the tulips and he knew how much I like tulips. So in his memory and like I mentioned before with the help of Purple Wings Charity I get to knock something off my bucket list with the man of my dreams. It is just a shame these beautiful purple wings I have been given can’t just flutter us across the channel so metal ones will do!

Thank you Lauren and Sam for everything you do for the ostomy community, fellow ostomates and the charity, also for asking me to join the Purple Wings team by running the Instagram and Twitter account (@pw_charity) If anyone is thinking of doing something for charity please keep Purple Wings Charity in mind!

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