MY Illness Is NOT Your Insult 

I checked my Twitter account this morning and was shocked and appalled to find that people have been using ostomy bag’s as an insult. There is a LOT of stigma around ostomies and we don’t need more grief from absolute ignorant imbeciles! 

Finger on the pulse as always is Thaila and Sam and I find that they are the ones to follow if you want to know whats going on in the ostomy world. My attention was first drawn to this atrocious act by Thaila Skye who shared this:

So off I popped to Sam Cleasby’s account to see what the crack was! People had been using the terms ostomy bags as an insult for Donald Trump; and whilst I don’t have high opinions of him but nobody deserves to be insulted with something another person can’t control like their illness. It demeans all the suffering, the pain, the feeling of uncertainty and being alone that people that have ostomy bags have gone through.

I seriously struggled to get my head around why anyone would use ANY illness as an insult or make a joke out of it. I’m just appalled but the people like myself and the two osto-babes above who have used #MYillnessisNOTyourinsult has restored my faith, that for every idiot out there, there is someone that’s going to stand up and fight back! So many people have joined in to say how outraged and disgusted this act has even happened and that makes me really proud to not just be an ostomate but a human being. But people will keep using others illnesses as insults if we don’t as a community take a stand and make them aware it is wholly inappropriate, let’s face it there are a plethora of insults in the English language so using an illness is just showing a lack of intelligence.

my illness is not your insult

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  1. I hadn’t come across any public comments re: bags being used as insults. Totally with you on this – if I see anything along those lines my blood would boil, it certainly is pathetic! x

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