Last Day Ostomy Free


So this is literally just what I’ve done today before I go in for surgery. Be prepared for your average (pain free) day in the life of a mum.image

Ra-Ra and I had breakfast whist watching TV, *proud mum moment* she ate loads for breakfast  (“scrambly” egg w/ cheese and toast) she has bowel issues of her own which seem to affect her appetite. I had some low FODMAP breakfast sausage in the freezer so I cooked it off with an egg, cheese, plum tomatoes, orange pepper, garlic and chilli powder. I popped it on a mini tortilla and topped it off with hot sauce. I enjoy them and I hope that you might too! I’m sure I will need to tweak them once I have my stoma like soften the veg a lot more.

We went and had a teddy bear picnic in the park before story time as the weather outside looked amazing. I’m getting told to go away in the shot of us together ha ha. We also have our own “houses” at the park she said we had to have our picnic in my house. Oswald the owl is her favourite toy.

See? That damn owl isn’t just her favourite toy he gets special treatment like eating the bowl of crisps in her house! Well she isn’t sneaky cheeky tinker tots for nothing. Then we went to storytime at the local library. I like it there because is usually a small group, they get 3 books read to them and usually have a related craft to do afterwards. However today books were on animals and the craft was linked to Knights as it’s St George’s day soon.


Ra-Ra asked for hot dogs for tea so that’s what we will have once 00Steve has finished cutting the grass. We went down to the river to feed the ducks. There were loads of ducklings today, it was such a nice spring evening just perfect as the last thing we do as a family before I go into hospital.


Hope it’s been beautiful wherever you are today and that is basically a day in the life of Ra-Ra’s mum!

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