Owls And Scavving

So like I said we had our eldest nephew over for the weekend. 00Steve decided that we should go to the local Owl Sanctuary in Kirkleatham. I decided to make up a scavenger hunt for them to do in the woods, this was to keep them both occupied and made me feel like they were going to learn something new, well I hoped! Plus owls are kick ass!

They both seemed to thoroughly enjoyed this so next time I will do another with different items or maybe a theme. Which hopefully would be fun and maybe I could include my youngest nephew since he is only two months younger than Ra-Ra. I was impressed that the amount of items on the list didn’t seem to phase them as I was slightly worried it would be too many.

Ra-Ra loves the owl sanctuary but it’s kind of a given when owls are her favourite animals, I love how she has to take her own toy owl whenever we go and that she even showed him the other owls. Spuddles is a bit scared of birds though! They stroked owls, hairless guinea pigs, rats and snakes. Spuddles is terrified of snakes and I demanded the poor kid to touch it’s tail as I had it round my neck! He wasn’t happy about it in the slightest but I told him he now had one over his dad since his dad is terrified of snakes.

We also had a walk round Kirkleatham museum since its free and Spuddles had never been round. It basically is a local history museum and it talks about the docks and the mining in the area. It is quite interactive for children too which is ALWAYS a good thing since they have a tendency to get bored quite quickly. Then we finished it off with a run around the park before heading back home.

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