Over The Hills And Far Away

I had my first night away with a friend since my surgery on bank holiday Monday.  I met Stacy via Fit Girls Guide on Instagram around Christmas 2014. Since then I feel like we have grown closer and closer. Hell there was never any taboo with poo if I needed to talk to someone about issues most people shy away from, she was there. In fact I think she once said “Hey! Everyone poops!”


She came over on a school trip to Sweden and Finland. Then she tootled to Germany, Ireland, Northern Ireland then London before heading up near Manchester. I always said if she made it over here I would try to meet her. And meet her I did! Her train from London was due to change at Leeds and so did mine. I literally ran down the stairs to hug her. It just felt like I was being reunited with an old friend.


We walked around Hollingworth Lake in Smithy Bridge where we were staying. It must be around 3 miles and it was absolutely glorious weather and such a pretty place to walk around. We had ice cream and then had a vegan curry (Not all the fixings were though) which for me was lush. I was really worried about the usual stuff like noise/smell and of course leaks. But Stacy made me feel really comfortable about everything and I’m really grateful for that.


Then this morning we went along to Healey Dell and just soaked in the beautiful surroundings and the relaxing sounds of the birds and the river. Afterwards we headed to the tattoo shop as Stacy had won a competition to get a free tattoo. I had to leave soon after but I had such a good time but I was definitely looking forward to seeing the two most important people in my life.

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