An Answer To My Fertility Questions

As you may know if you followed my pregnancy/birth that I had decided to be sterilised. There was elements of doubt by the surgeon herself regards to the sterilisation and I was sent home waiting for a letter with a follow up dye test appointment.

That appointment never came and I found myself being pushed from pillar to post trying to get things sorted. I had asked my health visitor if she could help organise or find out when it was as I hadn’t received anything. She asked the community midwives who told me I had to ring the hospital, then they said they didn’t deal with it. The whole thing was really unnecessary and caused me quite a bit of anxiety as I really didn’t want more children.

In the end 4.5 months after Button was born I saw the obstetric consultant who looked after me with my pregnancy with Ra-Ra. He went through my notes with me and rang the xray department there and then to see which hospital I would have to visit to receive a dye test or hysterosalpingogram by it’s correct term. I am in the middle of two hospitals under the same trust so some procedures you can only have in one or if it’s done in both the other tends to have a shorter waiting time!

A couple of weeks later I arrived at the x-ray department and gowned up. The ladies doing the test explained because I hadn’t had a period within 10 days I had to do a pregnancy test. This was the only time I was not looking forward to seeing a positive test. Thankfully for me I wasn’t pregnant and could carry on.

Essentially the test compromises of a speculum being inserted into the vagina and a tube then inside that. The x-ray machine type thing (yep so technical I know) is moved over my abdomen until they are happy they can see my uterus. A dye is then squirted (sorry couldn’t think of a better term!) into the tube and we basically watch to see if it spreads into my fallopian tubes or not.

I was told that by the ladies that specifically dealt with me that they hadn’t had to do one of these tests on a routine sterilisation before. As I looked at the screen I saw the dye didn’t spread and could clearly see two clips. I also noticed that my uterus was basically on a wonk and whilst I was laid there I thought oh maybe our organs aren’t as straight as they are in the textbooks (! Yes I know!!) It wasn’t until later I realised that of course it was tilted as my large intestine would have been essentially a pillow for it! I received a letter through letting me know that the sterilisation was successful which I took from that was I shouldn’t be getting pregnant any time soon!

I also had to fight to get my birth debrief which the above consultant said he would do if I preferred rather than seeing the surgeon who preformed the section and sterilisation. I’m not sure if it has helped but it was nice to be able to explain that someones lack of professionalism with me made me lose faith. I already was having a hard time with anxiety and really it could have been avoided. My feedback was taken on board and I received an explanation around the dye test appointment not being done sooner. Some ladies “Alert Notes” in their maternity notes weren’t being filled in before being discharged. The notes basically are for any follow up appointments and the like but human error does happen and that particular labour ward is stupidly busy. But at least it has been addressed now so that hopefully is one chapter closed.

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