Stoma’s First Birthday


One year on from having my stoma formed and one hell of a year that has been! From going into the theatre waiting room scared and alone (00Steve was asked to leave at that point) to waking up with no pain! Nope, none, nada! Sure I did have a morphine PCA (that wasn’t used an awful lot to my surprise) but last time I had bowel surgery I was still in agony.Stoma birthday

I’ve definitely come further than I thought I ever would but it wasn’t all plain sailing. I have still had some hurdles along the way but I managed to adjust and cope. Prepare for links to the bits of my first year as an ostomate that have made me feel particularly proud or the harder side of having a stoma.

  • Purple Wings Charity Pin Up Shoot I was so proud to  be a part of this and help raise awareness for such a good cause.
  • I’m Dreaming Of A Purple Christmas not only was this a good evening seeing some friends (and that Christmas tree) but I got to meet Laura from Stomalicious as her and her husband had just moved over here from Australia.
  • Christmas With An Ostomy – Newbie Style I had my first Christmas as an ostomate and was able to pretty much eat as normal, something I was quite worried about.
  • Things Are Getting Exciting becoming pregnant so soon after the miscarriage (not that I was going to add the link to that but the whole post has disappeared which I’m not happy about) but yep having another baby let alone quicker than we thought it would happen.
  • Tiger Army Never Dies! Gigging With An Ostomy  being able to go and see my favourite band play when they toured was quite frankly amazing.
  • I Wanna Run To You finding out I can still run with a stoma honestly made me really happy although I found out I was pregnant not long after so I didn’t risk doing too much.
  • Purple Wings Charity Event Part One! and Purple Wings Charity Event Part Two! this really helped not only my blog but me as a new ostomate. I met so many new people who I am now lucky enough to call my friends.
  • Anniversary and Birthday Weekender going away on holiday, albeit only in the UK but I have been to the lakes like in that post or Edinburgh a couple of times now and some nights away.
  • Just Keep Swimming going swimming. I love going swimming but because I worked 00Steve’s days off we didn’t get much chance to do it since, but we did go the other week and my maternity starts soon so hopefully more trips to the pool will be happening!

For other posts I have written over the last year I try to add them into specific categories so if a specific topic interests you most be it parenting – momostomy, exercise, food you will be able to find everything that is relevant in one place!

But it isn’t just the things I have achieved or the people I have met that have made this year so great although clearly they have helped. But being pain free, mainly worry free and being the mum Ra-Ra deserved to have. I still suffer from fatigue and getting my nutrition/hydration balanced but in reality it’s still early days and being pregnant cant be helping that.

How was your first year as an ostomate?

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