You Can’t Go Over It, You Can’t Go Under It

You have to go through it! I love the book We’re going on a bear hunt and that phrase went through my head as we had another three generation ladies day  (sorry I keep putting that as Geordie the dog is a boy) this time we kept it local by going for a walk into Cliff Ridge Wood.


We would have gone on to Newton Woods at the base of Roseberry Topping but Geordie not only snapped his lead by being a bugger he chewed through another section of it! So we had to cut our walk short.


Going up might not have been a good reason not just because it would be a bit too much for me but all that low cloud! But we still had a nice walk and a nice picnic. I’ve found carrying Ra-Ra on my shoulders doesn’t put as much stress on my tummy as carrying her on my hip. Now don’t get me wrong I knew that from days where I would have a flare up but you gotta remember I had surgery 3 weeks ago today! We did nearly 4 miles in total so I am quite proud of myself! Hell I even managed 10 squats last night ha ha!

family walk

On an added note yesterday we had a subway sandwich, now normally I’m a foot long turkey and ham, double cheese on wheat toasted with jalapeño, gherkins and LOTS of green peppers and a smidgen of ranch (yep if you wanna be nice and buy me one there’s my order!) And as we all know low residue diets say no raw salad/veg with skins and low fibre foods. I had a 6″ hearty Italian, usual filling and sauce but just omitted the jalapeño. It’s been well over 24 hrs and no blockages or anything so I’m quite optimistic about the reintroduction of foods.

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