Wander In the Woods

First things first, yesterday I saw my stoma nurse and she put some silver nitrate on the granulomas so hopefully that’s that! Today we met up with 00Steve’s best mate/brother Chappie and his girlfriend Magz. We went off towards Thirsk and for a wander up to the White Horse, Magz being from Durham had no idea it existed. I wanted to show Ra-Ra the planes and gliders, part of me wanted to show off to her because a few years ago 00Steve paid for me to have a glider lesson. (I love planes ha ha when I was 16 and 17 I did aerobatic flying lessons)

I have been determined to not let the fact I am still early in my recovery stop us from having family days out and enjoying some well deserved family time. Especially since for so long they have both been so limited in what I could actually do.


I would have been able to have taken a photo of all the damn steps but christ alive I forgot how many! I just knew I needed to keep going rather than just stop. No matter how fit I am steps and inclines make me feel like I’m going to die! So….many….steps! Does anyone else despise steps?


I had my first experience of emptying my bag outdoors as there wasn’t a toilet close by. It was a bit embarrassing but I just told the guys to move along and I would catch up. I am sure I will end up doing it again in the future but it wasn’t a pleasant experience in the slightest. The views of Cleveland way and the Moors are stunning regardless of the weather. We all had a great day and I feel bloody knackered now even though it was just a wander round! But I feel like I accomplished something by all them gosh darn steps!

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