Jam Packed Weekend

So I had a lot happening this weekend. For starters I went back to work as of Friday. Before my shift we went to Whitby, then Saturday it was two of my best friends no scratch that sisters joint birthdays, then yesterday we went swimming with Spuddles and had a family BBQ.

It was a really nice afternoon in Whitby. I LOVE Whitby so much, it holds so much of my heart. It was where I developed my crush/fell in love with 00Steve, we had our first weekend as husband and wife there and it was the first beach we took Ra-Ra too.

We took her on the replica of Captain Cook’s Endeavour, the first time she slept the whole time but she wasn’t even one at the time. She sang “Row your boat” as we left the harbour, then said how she got bored but as we were mooring up she shouted “No not finished I’m not ready for it to be finished” ah she cracks us up.

My first night at work seemed to go okay. After it finished I wandered down to my girls house and attempted to help them set up. I love my ladies so much they always give me honesty help, support and keep my confidence up. I’m glad I got to spend the day with you all.

My second night at work sucked a bit, had a bit of pain in my tummy but managed to get through without taking pain relief.

We took Spuddles and Ra-Ra swimming which they both seemed to enjoy. Then 00Steve’s brother and his fiancé came round followed by 00Steve’s best mate/adopted brother Ginjigger came round for a BBQ. Ra-Ra tried on her flower girl dress and she looks adorable but that’s not surprising.

Last night’s shift was awful, my stomach was making such a racket and I was in so much pain. In fact I actually felt like I needed to go to the toilet like before my surgery which has carried on today. I feel quite poorly to be honest, I’m not worried I’m just uncomfortable.

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