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The fourth and final instalment of the PoPSTER study and this one is using the beauty of hindsight to give an overview of how I feel about the treatments and choices I was given. If you missed the third post please click here.

How do you feel about you choice of treatments now?

Overall I am glad I tried the varied treatments but I still feel in limbo with them as for the most part the choices were made for me and they weren’t the ones living with the disease.

Was it the right choice and why?

They were definitely worth a shot but I do wish they were all better explained to me in different formats such as written alongside the verbal explanations. I think any treatment is the right choice at any given time because until you try it you don’t know if it is the only thing between you and remission.

Has your life changed since your treatments?

I think that the on and off steroid use has affected other conditions I have specifically the hypermobility. It has also increased the Body Dysmorphia I have around the way I look; as starting the steroids young warped my body image ideals due to moonface and weight gain. With the weight gain I developed an eating disorder that I battle with every damn day but as they say recovery isn’t linear.

Would you change anything about the decisions you have made about your treatment?

I don’t think ultimately I would change the treatments I have had but more the way I took them. For instance if I could have used a MAR (medication administration record) to cross off as I went along I might have taken the tablets better and they may have made a difference for me. I also would have liked to have had more support emotionally and psychologically around self injecting medications or being offered a different method such as a pen.

So there you have it an overview of how I feel about the treatments and the choices that led to the decisions being made in the first place. When you look back at your own choices how does it make you feel or think?

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