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I’ve been talking to someone via my Facebook page for the blog. I mentioned about doing a sort of positive thought board. So when they felt fed up they could look at it and see how far they have come. I do these quite frequently they vary between lists, pictures well anything visual! In a way my blog posts can be included too.

I stuck mine on my bedroom wall, thankfully 00Steve doesn’t care about the random selection that is sometimes stuck on the wall, by our bed. I guess that is because we haven’t decorated our bedroom yet.

I think they are great for making you feel better about a less than ideal situation and what’s better they are universal like you can use them for anything you need to keep focused, grounded or just realised you ARE more than whatever is going on in your life.

Also get fancy with them if you want they are yours. If you are amazing at crafts then use that talent. Try to make them as visually appealing as you can, this will encourage you to look at it and remind you to be positive. Here’s mine, I’m not creative in the slightest but I like to pretend to myself that I am! The title is “reasons to be cheerful” which is an Ian Drury and the Blockheads song which I love.

  • Made new ostoMATEs
  • My blog
  • Been hiking
  • I’ve adjusted well
  • Pain free
  • Gaining new experiences
  • Good support network
  • Setting new goals
  • Found useful products
  • Been swimming
  • Still able to work
  • Kept my independence
  • My life, my choice
  • I’ve stayed positive
  • Finding clothes that make me feel good
  • Helped raise awareness
  • Confidence

It definitely made me have a more positive outlook when I did the poster which let’s face it is the whole point of it!

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