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For this Time to Talk Tuesday I thought I would talk about the one distraction I use above all others and that is music. It has played a HUGE part in my life from getting me through exams or reading lists, physical/emotional and mental health struggles. I have firm favourites for certain feelings or situations, but also songs/albums and bands that I can listen to all day everyday!

I saw a Blogtober prompt for “10 Song Shuffle” and I thought well why not put my Spotify list on shuffle and tell you what the song usually equates too feeling/distraction wise! That way it kept in line with a topic I post about anyway.

  1. Naive – The Kooks – I listen to this when I’m feeling nostalgic and just want to chill out.
  2. Minority – Green Day – If I am feeling a bit shouty or even full of energy I put this on and remember that the lyrics in this don’t always relate to me being angsty but that it is okay to be a little (okay a lot) weird and not follow the crowd.
  3. The Geeks Get The Girls – American Hi-Fi – This song reminds me of one of my best friends Weebl as I sing  it to him whenever he gets a girlfriend (yes he hates it) I love this song it always makes me feel happy and uplifted.
  4. Ocean Avenue – YellowCard – Oh gosh this will be forever on my playlists it reminds me of drinking with my friends in the fields singing along. When I feel lonely I listen to this as the song is about remembering those from your past and how things would be better if they were back in your life.
  5. Vanilla Radio – The Wildhearts – I hear this and I start jumping around, if I’m angry or annoyed I listen to this and think about the time I saw them live and swooned over Scott Sorry and I pretty much instantly calm down.
  6. Drain the Blood – The Distillers – This song chills me out no matter what my mood is. I usually go off by myself to listen to this, close my eyes and sing along with my best Brody imitation (which is nowhere close) same goes with “the Hunger” by the same band.
  7. Maybe I’ll Catch Fire – Alkaline Trio – This and about 85% of their songs I listen to regardless of situation etc Because there is a song for every mood, for instance the acoustic album that features some of their not so softer songs is stunning.
  8. Let’s Kill Tonight – Panic At The Disco! – Another good band for reminiscing to and the Vies and Virtues album is one I sing at the top of my lungs when I’m feeling low.
  9. Chelsea Dagger – The Fratellis – Now if you know me personally and you don’t know this is my ULTIMATE cheer up song then I’m surprised. This song no matter where I am or who I’m with will always result in me singing and dancing with the biggest smile on my face. I get texts from friends saying “your song is on” and it is always Chelsea Dagger. In fact I’m dancing whilst writing this now!
  10. Ghostfire – Tiger Army – I adore Tiger Army and use a lot of their songs to regulate my mood and this song is one of them and I am transported to when I saw the beautiful Nick 13 live.

Other songs I use that weren’t in the shuffle are:

  1. The Orchard – Tiger Army – I have this tattooed on my arm because it helps me when I am depressed I listen to it, but that isn’t always an option. so now I can read my arm and hear the song straight away in my head.
  2. Believe Me Natalie – The Killers – This song and album helped me when I needed to concentrate reading for my A Levels that I couldn’t sit in the end. But whenever I hear it I am taken back to Kazou Ishigoru’s Remains of the Day; which is one of my favourite books of all time!
  3. Tomorrow May Never Come – The Creepshow – This song really speaks to me and I listen to it literally everyday, walking home from work in the dark? This discography has got you covered for singing at the top of your voice not realising how fast you’re walking!

What about you? What music helps you with your mood? If you missed the last instalment of Time to Talk Tuesday please click here.

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