So I mentioned in the last “Surviving the Summer Holidays” post about a tee pee in our local hospital and I thought I would talk a little bit about why it is there and who on Earth Camerado are and what they do.

The tee pee itself is a fairly decent size and is in between the main entrance and the shops in James Cook University Hospital. We have seen it a couple of times but we had only ventured in once and that was fairly recently. Outside it had a board that said it was a public living room and I liked that, I have spent enough time in hospitals as a patient, visitor and staff to know that it can be draining and stressful. It was a really cool place to just chill and collect your thoughts.

Inside there were little postcards to write on what you thought of the tee pee, wing back chairs, sofas, a giant teddy bear and the most gorgeous antler light feature which brought everything together. We wrote a postcard and one of our friends messaged to say they had seen our card when they had popped to the hospital themselves.

So what are Camerado and what do they do? This is on the main page on the website which is linked above.

Be a camerado

It means we look out for each other!

Join a movement of people popping up all across the UK and the globe who believe the best way through tough times is to be a camerado.

A camerado is halfway between a stranger and a friend, people just alongside each other, no fixing, no agenda, just there.

They do it in daily life or in Public Living Rooms, somewhere to go, relax, chat and look out for each other.

As I said I already liked the idea of their movement as we can all do with some more kindness in the world and our lives; which can only have a positive knock on effect on our mental health. I then read their core principles and loved the idea of the movement. The principles are:

  • It’s okay to fail
  • No fixing
  • Mixing with people who don’t look like you
  • Remember to have fun
  • If you don’t agree with someone level with them respectfully
  • If someone is struggling ask them to help you

I just feel like these are really good core values to have and they ensure everyone is treat like the human they are and with the level of respect we all deserve.

On the website you can find out ways in which you can help out or where your nearest public living room is Teesside have 5! Which is pretty impressive as I often feel that area gets missed a lot. There is also a section on the website on how you can set up your own.

Have you heard of Camerado before or have you been into one of their public living rooms? When I posted photos on my social media people had commented saying how they had been in and used it and it made a difference to them whether it was a space to chill or have a cry. I definitely think more of these need to pop up around the country and the world. I will be wearing my badge with pride and if you ever need someone to chat too I am always here.

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