Children Suck Because They Grow Up!

Yep that time again is upon us back to school; when you get to a certain age or have a certain lifestyle this doesn’t bother you for years or ever depending on your choices! But for me, 00Steve and many other adults across the country they have children going to school. Now this can be exciting, upsetting, frustrating and just an array of emotions for all involved, but it doesn’t mean it children don’t suck because of it!

Don’t get me wrong I love both of my children entirely but they both suck for growing up. Part of me wants them to grow up and see the choices and paths they take in life and be all proud and be like “00Steve we made them”, but then the rest is like “NO! Time is going way too fast and I want to enjoy them for longer.”

I swear it wasn’t 5 minutes ago that I was holding Ra-Ra in my arms with her grumpy little face and now she has had her first day at school and turns 5 in less than a fortnight! This isn’t fair for me, 00Steve or any other parent in the world. Sure it is dramatic but you don’t have kids to kick them out as soon as you possibly can. Sure my kids drive me barmy but I’m pretty sure that’s standard.

The same with Button to an extent, he is getting his fourth tooth, saying sentences (at his discretion) and testing out his legs ready for walking. He maybe a bit slower with the movement than his sister but that just intensifies how quick she grew up and ho advance he is with other parts of his development.

Nobody wants to grow up when they already have done but listening to a child wishing their little precious life away

is awful. I know my baby girl is only in reception but it is still too much for me to handle in a sense. I promised her I wouldn’t cry until I got off the playground so I didn’t embarrass her; do you know what she said? “You can’t embarrass me Mummy”, I will remind her of that when the time comes that I do! Of course I cried on the playground, but only a little and she didn’t see plus it was raining so really it was something in my eye!!

One plus though is there is a caterpillar set out on the floor similar to a rainbow that was on my infant schools playground, so although it was under different circumstances I had her sort of replicate a photo of me that was in the newspaper. Long story short; funding for new play stuff at my school, newspaper was doing a story on it, we were told to keep off the painted stuff, I didn’t (cos I’m bad ass) and the photographer took a photo of me and it went in the newspaper. People thought I was just being ignorant/deep in play but NOPE I was just hardcore and saw a camera ha ha ha ha! Unfortunately the photo I have of me doing that is literally the newspaper cutting my Great Nana had in a tiny frame in her house from the early 90s so like 92/93 or something so it isn’t great quality.

She of course loved it at school as we knew she would, especially since for the last year she has been asking if she could go to school. As much as I want my Little Lady to stay little I hope she continues to enjoy learning and school because she will definitely go far.

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