Escapism Halloween Film Edition

This week’s Time to Talk Tuesday instalment is about escapism and how we or I use films to take my mind off the crappier things my mind likes to focus on. Now I am more of a book worm myself but when it comes to sci-fi/fantasy or Halloween films I will happily watch them for hours. Read on to find out my top ten spooky style films that are must watches in October.

  1. In my house on October 1st it is Hocus Pocus day; it is the first film of the season I watch and gets me right into the spooky season mood. So naturally it has to be number one.
  2. Coraline is watched all year round in my house as it is Ra-Ra and my favourite film. Lots of people say its creepy or scary but we are a smidge obsessed for instance for 6 months when she was 3 she begged me to let her be Coraline for Halloween.
  3. Labyrinth is my ultimate favourite film ever, period. I watched it recently with Button and he was mesmerised. Now it isn’t a Halloween film but it has magic and goblins so it counts and I won’t accept anything otherwise.
  4. Rocky Horror Picture Show – honestly what Halloween top ten would be without this amazing musical? I get so absorbed into this and like with Coraline, Nightmare Before Christmas and the Labyrinth I can quote it word for word. The music, the dance moves heck even just the body language I can copy because for me it is true escapism in a film. Also my best mate has a girlfriend called Janet and I won’t acknowledge her when talking to him unless I say “you mean Damnit Janet?”
  5. The Little Vampire; this is a wholesome family film that the kids can watch and I can drool over Richard E. Grant, nobody said my taste in men wasn’t a little ahem different! My brother believed in vampire cows when he was little; which gave my Dad endless fun when they went night fishing on the river and the fields had cows in them!
  6. Nightmare Before Christmas had to be on here I mean let’s face it, it is iconic and I from the second it aired on the Disney channel many many moons ago was entranced. I simply adore it and so do my kids.
  7. Haunted Mansion is a film my whole family enjoys and it is a film that isn’t too scary for when you have children or softy pants adults who aren’t fans of horror or things that have the jump factor.
  8. Beetlejuice again is a classic and there isn’t much more I can add to that! If you haven’t seen it please do as there have been talks of a sequel for YEARS and I would hate for someone to watch it (if it ever comes out) and not fully get the references.
  9. Edward Scissorhands is such a beautiful film and when you think about it is very akin to Frankenstein’s monster in a way. It is another must watch.
  10. Hotel Transylvania; would it be right to not add this in? We again all love this and the films that come after it. Every time I hear “blah bla blah” I think of my oldest nephew when he was little running around saying it..

What films do you watch around Halloween to escape from day to day life? Do you find escapism can even happen with film? Last weeks instalment of Time to Talk Tuesday’s here if you missed it.

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