Periods after Sterilisation

Nobody really talks about periods after being sterilised and I thought I can’t be alone in the fact it has changed so dramatically. Recently my period was over a week late, my breasts were incredibly sore, I had no appetite and to most women this would be a sign that they are pregnant. Even though after Button was born I got sterilised;it didn’t stop the irrational part of my brain thinking “oh my god what if the sterilisation didn’t work?”.

Now I had a hysterosalpingogram or more simply put a dye test so I know my fallopian tubes are clamped but the fear sat with me for awhile. When you either don’t or no longer want to get pregnant and feel like you are having a pregnancy scare it isn’t a fun place to be. Now for the record I am very lucky to have two beautiful children but I do know what it was to feel like children wouldn’t be part of my life when we spent a couple of years trying to conceive, I have also experienced the loss of a miscarriage and before I met 00Steve the idea of having children freaked me out. Every single one of our thoughts and feelings on whether we want or don’t want children are valid. 

I chose to have the sterilisation for those that don’t know because my pregnancies were full of pain and ultimately we only wanted two children and we were lucky to get one of each. 00Steve was more than happy with my decision before anyone thinks I went behind his back!

So back to the rational/irrational thought process of having a late period. So even though my brain was like “oh well you are sterilised so don’t worry too much, but if it lasts much longer get a test anyway.” Yeah my brain totally talks in the third person I can’t be the only one right? So when I say over a week late I’m meaning a week and a half; the three other times I have been pregnant I just kinda *knew* that I was pregnant after 5 days and it was a happy time but this was wracked with fear. This is mainly due to the sheer horror I felt when Button was born obviously not at having him but just the unprofessional-ism that surrounded his birth. I did think that all this would be cleared up with getting a pregnancy test but thankfully for me I did eventually come on my period.

Nobody tells you or talks about how painful, heavy and increased in length periods can become after you are sterilised. Yes they began to change slightly after each surgery and c-section as they never really know how scar tissue could affect you once you are closed up. But until the sterilisation I was very lucky to have regular, light periods that lasted 4 days. So this is pretty nasty for me when each cycle it usually comes every 3 weeks, really heavy and can be debilitating with the pain. I had said in my post about my sterilisation linked above at how furious I was that I would still have periods and I actually would have preferred to have a hysterectomy but one of my friends has just recently had to have it done and I do feel a bit cruel for still wanting to have had that but even though we haven’t spoke about it at length if I had it done it would have been MY decision rather than a medical necessity.

In all honesty after having my ostomy surgery in 2016 they started getting quite bad but I actually only had 4 before I got sterilised. I had 2 after surgery then I was pregnant for 2 months then the miscarriage happened, then I had 2 more before finding out I was pregnant with Button then I was sterilised!

Have you been sterilised? Has it affected your periods if so how has it affected yours? 

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One thought on “Periods after Sterilisation

  1. Yes, I only began experiencing bad period pains after being sterilised, and my periods have gone from 2 to 4 days (please dont hate me) and they are much heavier. However because I came off the depo injections after being sterilised I put most of the changes down to that (and my age).

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