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Don’t you hate people that sit there and say “just be happy” or “you make your own happiness” or the like? Sure you can make your own happiness but it is unfair to link that with depression or low mood. Creating your own happiness or being happy isn’t going to cure it! But can having a positive perspective help with your mood?

I really like the “post it note” idea and I have seen it used really well by Ly at Something In The Way She Moves and it has inspired me to do it myself. I already believe in the power of compliments and live by “a smile costs nothing” as either being chronically sick or if you have mental health issues that you live your life with a smile painted on your face and the phrase “I’m fine” is always at the tip of your tongue. We never truly know what it is like for someone or what they are going through behind closed doors or even in your own head. So with that in mind if I see someone and I like their hair, make up or their clothes I tell them, it can be weird at first but it’s a tiny pick me up for someone who could be having an awful day but costs you absolutely nothing!

I have never been one for self help books, I like meditation books for instance I have had one since I was a teen that gave you an idea you then develop into your own. But recently I have been thinking what harm can they do? For starters it gives me time to me just to read and do something that doesn’t require others. I have just bought and I quite like the blurt buddy boxes so I thought that this book might be a good read also I am taking part in their self care photo challenge over on Instagram. Everyone raves about Fearne Cotton’s book so I thought I would give it a go.

I’m still sticking with my one thought a day which is going well and doesn’t require too much reflection and the 52 List Project – even though this weeks list is a bit hard it is list your essentials. I don’t expect these things to instantly lift my mood but any little thing that can help surely can be a good thing as I am worth it and a work in progress not a quick fix, which is why I am focusing on changing my perspective on life.

What things do you do to try and bring some positivity into yours and others lives? Do you think changing your perspective can have a positive effect on your mood?

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