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Is the term “self care” just another empty buzz word or is it really something we should start to look into more thoroughly? So if you read the last installment of “Time to Talk Tuesday” post about making your own happiness, positive perspective you will have seen I had ordered The Blurt Foundation’s founder and CEO’s book called “The Self Care Project” and I am not going to lie it has blown me away. I honestly felt better after reading it and felt like in time I will be able to make steps in the right direction.

I won’t go into too much detail about the book as I believe Rachel from Rocking2Stomas may cover it in her “self help book review” series. Which is where each month she talks about a different help book and her take on it. The book has sections of worksheets where it asks you simple questions about yourself that the author talks about how that correlates with her own life which makes you feel less alone.

The bit that really stood out for me was the chapter where she talks about mundane self care in the daily tasks we preform without realising it and that self care isn’t all about spa days, bubble baths or the like. It can be simple things like paying the bills, arranging childcare that we do without thinking that allows us to keep a warm roof over our heads and our children having somewhere safe to go whilst you are at work. For me things like actually getting out "we don't need fixing - we need unleashing, unpeeling, unfolding"of the house is a big thing for me, watching my children develop and bloom their own little personalities for instance whilst out walking my 4 year old (going on 14) stopped just to smell a daffodil. Things like that enrich and warm my heart and soul knowing I am helping her along with 00Steve to become this well rounded, kind soul is another form of self care or at least to me it is.

I do think that if we don’t prioritise ourselves how can we look after those around us, do our work correctly or more importantly our health? Ultimately it doesn’t matter how or what the activity is that we do to put ourselves first but just that we do. I love the quote “We don’t need fixing – we need unleashing, unpeeling, unfolding.” by the founder of The Blurt Foundation that much that I made it into an image. I don’t need fixing, I need the damaged layers peeled away, the sheets I hide behind folded away and my happy but hidden self unleashed, rather than someone trying to fix my issues. I need my issues looked at long and hard to see where and why they stem from whatever they do.

I also feel that if I do that without taking time out for me when I go through my DBT therapy that I will break, I sometimes already feel at breaking point as it is and have started taking more time for me in the way of reading the stack of books I have bought or have been bought for me. It is nice getting lost in a world that has nothing to do with your own, although the grieving period when the book is finished is particularly hard for me to deal with. Does anyone else feel like that?

What are your thoughts on self care? Is it just another buzz word thrown around by people who want your money or do you think it is an integral part of your well being both mentally and physically?

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