Therapy Box

This was put on my care plan that was written at the beginning of the year. But in all honesty I had no bloody idea what to put in and if it will actually be beneficial to me. Now I know what is in it (all tailored to me) but I still don’t know if I will get any use out of it but it is there if I need it. I guess that is the main thing really, so this post will cover what I have in and why. It may give you idea of what to put in yours if it is something you have been asked to do or feel that it maybe beneficial to you.

One of my friends in DBT just did a distraction box for themselves and I helped with some ideas and then when I had my 1-2-1 going over my crisis plan it was brought up again that I should look into doing one so to show willing over the last couple of months I have thought about what to put in.

00Steve will be helping me to build and paint my own box out of wood at some point but with us both working and having kids it isn’t a priority so what I have done is use an old wicker basket my Nanna gave me a good few years back to hold all the paperwork I used to leave lying around when I lived with her. It can be a shoe-box, a bag – for those times when you need to leave the situation entirely; basically put your items in something that works for you, heck if you live by yourself a shelf would do!

In it are few things that will hopefully bring me comfort and distraction when I am either feeling low or in crisis. So I went through some sensory ideas and doing ideas for mine.

The sensory items are:

  • a candle
  • a worry stone – snowflake obsidian which is not just my favourite stone/crystal but it is supposed to ward off negativity, I usually wear one that 00Steve made into a necklace for me but the damn chain has made my neck green!
  • some playdough that I got from a mindfulness exercise at DBT
  • hand cream
  • a blanket – I wanted a Ravenclaw one but Primark only had Slytherin or Gryffindor so I opted for a purple one

The doing items are:

  • a sudoku book
  • a colouring book that I got in my Sunshine Box with a tin of crayons
  • a beautiful book Rachel got me a while ago that I will draw, write or just doodle
  • my Happiness Planner – Laws of Attraction box
  • my little book of meditation that I’ve had since I was 16

The idea behind them all is that the blanket will keep me warm and “safe” as I really do use blankets for security, the play dough/worry stone/hand cream is all to keep my hands busy. Yet the other items are to quieten my mind when it begins to race.

To create your own you need to think what helps calm you down; what sensory items could you put in? What things can you put in to distract yourself. It is really all down to your personal preferences and needs which is what I think I found so difficult to create one to begin with. Just because you have it “finished” doesn’t mean it is always finished, you may find little items over time that can go into it. For instance I like the little worry dolls and may add them in to it at some point. You can add nail polish, perfume, photos, face masks, a book, music, food the possibilities are endless just as long as it isn’t what you think you should put in just to make others happy. I will try to use mine away from my phone as I know I wouldn’t use it then.


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