Autumn Crafts for Kids

Autumn is a pretty perfect time for doing crafts as nature offers up plenty of items instead of going out and buying stuff which can be stupidly expensive just for it to be forgotten about or wrecked at a later date. There is something for everyone too! Whether you are super crafty and imaginative or can just about use a glue stick (more often than not that is the limit of my craftiness) there is something suitable for everyone!

We are quite lucky where we live as we have a lot of trees and a good chunk of them are horse-chestnut, conifers and oak which have the best things to get crafty with! So it is pretty easy for me to collect conkers (I try and collect them to and from forest school before the kids snaffle them ha ha!) acorns and pine cones just walking round the village!

So the first nature craft I am going to share with you is with pine cones and are little baby owls!

You will need:

  • pine cones
  • cotton wool
  • googly eyes
  • pva glue
  • pencil or something with a point
  • pipe cleaners (we just couldn’t find ours!)

I have heard that you should put the pine cones in the oven on a low heat to kill any bugs but we had forgotten about ours and they had been left in the bottom of the pram for like a month! So all you do is pull apart some cotton wool till it is a bit wispy. Next put some glue on the cone them stuff the cotton wool into the gaps this is where the pencil comes in handy. Keep stuffing more wool in until your owl is as fluffy as you want it to be. Now glue on the googly eyes and make a little beak (we had some pipe cleaners dipped in wax that we shaped into the beak) you can use pipe cleaners to make little wings but as we couldn’t find the ones we had; our wings were stretched out cotton wool!

Next up is one just using leaves; animal pictures.

You will need:

  • different shaped leaves
  • paper or card
  • glue stick
  • pencils
  • googly eyes

All you do is get the kids to hunt for leaves that are preferably dry – if you have trees in your garden or street this is where you stand and watch with a cuppa! Once the kids have collected enough leaves you want to sit and help your kids visualise animals out of the leaves. So a long thin one could be a fish – next stick the leaves to the paper and draw on any extra limbs or identifying features and then googly eyes! If your child is of an age where they can spell or are learning to spell you could have them write out the name of the animal afterwards.

This one is the more hands on of the nature crafts and I totally abused the fact 00Steve is less likely to lose fingers than I am! It is using conkers and twigs.

You will need:

  • conkers
  • googly eyes
  • glue
  • toothpicks
  • drill or sharp pointed knife

For this you are going to need to make holes in the conkers either with a drill or a sharp pointed knife (00Steve said if using a knife you would want to twist it) so simply to start off do 4 holes on one side for legs, then maybe one for a neck and then one on another conker which will be the head. From there you have a basic animal shape where the kids can shove the toothpicks in the holes and attach googly eyes or maybe they want to add a tail or antlers etc. I personally trust nothing I stick together to stay together I would place a bit of hot glue just for some extra security.

Last but no means least of the crafts we have some acorn jewels! I tend to find the acorn itself shrivels too quickly so for this we are just using the caps; which once done can be used for colour recognition, counting or just treasure!

You will need:

  • acorns
  • different coloured paints

All you do is make sure your acorn seed has been removed and you are just left with the caps. Now paint the inside of each cap a different colour and voila! Done!

There are lots of different crafty ideas out there you can do with your kids that help with learning new skills and don’t require a lot of effort! What crafts you do with your kids when autumn comes round?

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