Buttony Bear – The Bear with a Button Stoma

Buttony Bear or as Ra-Ra calls him Button Bear is a beautiful little bear much like the famous Steiff bears that I coveted badly as a child. These bears are perfect to offer comfort to predominantly children who are going in for surgery and can be scared. The idea of this bear having a stoma just like they will allows them to feel less alone.

We have had a Buttony Bear for a couple of years now and Ra-Ra loves it; so much so that we took it with us to visit 00Steve’s Dad down in Cornwall! We even received a birthday card drawn by some primary school kids for Buttony.

Ra-Ra and buttony bear

These bears are designed to help kids get through some difficult and scary times, now children are far more resilient than adults at getting through these situations but it is still nice to have something to cuddle when things get a bit much.

When I was younger I used to take in a toy dog that my Dad bought me when I was in hospital once because it had similar colourings to our dog Maxie. This dog was called Dobie (pronounced doh-by not like that irritating house elf!) Ra-Ra has since pinched him and is somewhere in her mass of teddies. Having Dobie helped me through some really tough moments when all I wanted was a hug and couldn’t have one.

A Bear Named Buttony was created back in 2015 and for the last four years has been giving children the comfort only a teddy can give. It allows you as an adult to have a simpler way to explain what having a stoma is and will entail to a child regardless of if it is you that is having the stoma or the child. Jenny Gow who created Buttony has been given a MBE from the Queen for her charitable efforts. You can donate £30 for a child to get a bear or help the charity by raising funds.

I really love these bears and think they would do a whole lot of good for so many both kids and adults alike. To see what else is out there for children that are chronically ill please check out this post. Does your child have a Buttony Bear? What do they think of them and do they have the stoma or do you?

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