Mud and Bloom Gardening Boxes

So I really like the idea of subscription boxes for children that are educational and I was lucky enough to be tagged in a tweet from Mud And Bloom about their gardening subscription boxes and I thought why not take a look as Ra-Ra has been enjoying planting things and taking more of an interest in nature this year. Plus she has to come up with a shoe box of things she has done this summer for her starting school in September. School I know time is going waaay too fast for our liking!

So what is in the box? According to their website it is:

The boxes are for 3-8 year old’s and will be delivered through your letter box at the beginning of each month. Each box includes everything you need for two seasonal activities: one gardening and one nature craft – along with instructions, quizzes and games aimed at teaching children about the seasons, plants, insects, birds, soil and rainfall. Activities have been created by qualified teachers and theysupport the national curriculum with influence from Forest School, Steiner and Montessori education.

In our box Ra-Ra got:

  • 4 compost pellets
  • 2 lollipop sticks
  • lettuce seeds
  • radish seeds
  • some beads
  • glue
  • washi tape in two patterns
  • activity cards

The activities in the July box were planting lettuce and radish, making nature paintbrushes, a DIY flower vase plus a quiz. Which I thought were nice and varied, plus anything to try and get her to eat salad other than cucumber is worth a shot in my book, besides if she doesn’t like them in the end I will eat them happily!

For me as an adult I liked the fact there was no plastic as they try to be as fully recyclable as possible, they also understand that not everyone has a large garden or any garden for that matter and they have tried to accommodate that fact. You can use any small container such as a yogurt pot to grow your plants in and the activities can be done inside or out. These boxes are incredibly unique and educational but in a very fun way! Sometimes I worry the more educational the box the more bored the child can be. The activities don’t require a lot of energy on my part either which means even on my heavily fatigued days we can still do an activity together.

I liked the fact that it encourages kids to learn about the natural world and even though I am certainly not green fingered (00Steve definitely is) I enjoy being out in the woods or by the sea. I want both Ra-Ra and Button to be outdoorsy too as they grow up.

Since getting this box Ra-Ra has wanted to look at my British wildlife book I was bought for my 13th birthday by my Grandparents. I like the fact it has inspired her to take a closer look at plants, seasons, bugs and animals (even if she is adamant the big birds flying over and not dropping feathers are Eagles not Ravens!) Ra-Ra’s school has what is known as a “forest school” and is to encourage the kids getting outside and their hands dirty, it is set in a retired teachers garden who has a lot of trees and there is even a fairy garden. So the Mud and Bloom box has piqued her interest even more with mother nature.

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