Halloween Simpson Style

So this post is late up because we have just got the kids in bed from being at a Halloween party organised last minute by one of Ra-Ra’s school friends mum’s. We have had a pretty full on couple of days with regards to parties and getting things ready that she didn’t get chance to go Trick or Treating! So what on earth have we been up too?

So yesterday we were at a party organised by the village cricket club where there was entertainment and a good chunk of her school friends were there which was nice that she got to see them out of school and just be silly all dressed up. Button was dressed up as Dracula and started dancing to the “Monster Mash” which made my horror heart melt! Little Miss was a witch and I dressed up as what was labelled a “vamp queen” whatever one of those are when they are at home! I found a new gin which I was letting my gin mummies try which went down a treat! Oh and I carved a pumpkin to go in our favourite cafe “The Velveteen Rabbit Luncheon Club”, which was a very basic attempt at a candy skull.

Then today the first port of call was the cafe to have something chocolately for breakfast whilst we waited to register for the village boat race. Every year the primary school kids get to commemorate Captain Cook’s birthday by designing, building and racing a boat – he was born just down the road and went to school in Great Ayton. Yes I helped Ra-Ra build a boat to sail down a small stretch of the river along with a bunch of other kids from the village! Sadly she didn’t win on design but got 72/100 which in my eyes was a winner since she was the youngest in her age group. She cheered on her friends from her reception class as they were in the age group below her (she is 5 and most of the others are still 4) Her boat decided to go backwards and took 5 minutes to reach the finish line which was I dunno 200m at most! But it really didn’t matter because it really was just about the taking part.

After that we went back to the cafe for hot chocolates with a few of her school friends before heading to mine for a play date with the triplets, Button had a nap which was impressive in itself for the sheer amount of sugar he had consumed that morning. The girls played in the treehouse/back garden before coming in for lunch and then I conned them into doing their numicon homework before they helped me decorate my garden for Halloween. I don’t do this for trick or treaters but for me! I adore Halloween and for the last 4 years we have been adding to our creepy collection – mainly with stuff in the reduction sales!

So we have small trees that line our front path and I stuck some battery operated lights in each one and added hanging skeletons with our solar lanterns until it got to our front door which has a little shelf next to it. I add netting along the wall and shelf with a tombstone more lights, a jar of roses with eyes and a cauldron for the sweets. This year I added doll parts to the cauldron for a genuine trick or treat!

We got dressed up again and headed off down to Ra-Ra’s friends Halloween party, where it was decked out amazingly with duct tape spider webs on the floor, fantastic pumpkins, a tray of cold spaghetti sorry a snake pit! Which Button found to be the height of fun! There was apple bobbing – Ra-Ra got hers in 4 seconds which was better that her stropping last night because she didn’t manage it, a pinata and party games. It was a fantastic night seeing other kids playing so well both with Button and Ra-Ra plus I got to see the triplets again my little buddies!

But typical bad mum mode happened as I didn’t bring Buttons change bag and I thought he had taken a massive dump (his sleepsuit just smelt from the one he did this morning) and his feet in his sleepsuit got soaked from playing in the snake pit. So I found parents who had a little girl about the same sort of age ish and said “are you proper parents who remember to bring things your children need?” which got a laugh and they responded with “we’re not proper parents either but yes here are things to borrow”. Just goes to show no matter if it’s your first child or not you always forget something but there is always another parent out there who feels your pain and will help you out if they can. Plus they filled my wine glass and watched Button when I needed to pop out to check Ra-Ra etc. Parent solidarity right there!

00Steve stayed at home tonight and got sick of people not seeing the cauldron so wrote a sign saying “please take one!” which when I got home and saw made me chuckle! We have packed all our bits away for another year and I’m eating last years sweets that I keep in a jar if she gets far too many and I’m trying to save her teeth! She does get some of it throughout the year too I’m not just a greedy cow!

What are your families Halloween traditions? Do you celebrate it?

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