To Immunise Or Not To Immunise….

….That is the question. Do you immunise your children or do you risk them being another statistic in the reestablishing diseases that had at least in the UK been eradicated? This I think will always be a hot topic with people on both sides of the fence!

There was never any doubt in mine and 00Steve’s mind about whether we would immunise our children, we both were and have never had any issues with the vaccination. I have had a lot of experience with hospitals and not one health professional ever blamed my vaccinations on me getting sick; which is a good thing really as Ulcerative Colitis is genetic or so I have always been told. My Grandad suffered with stomach ulcers and had a lot of issues with his digestive tract and unfortunately died of pancreatic cancer, so I feel like he is my genetic link to some extent.

Some of you may know I have worked within Health and Social Care for the last 10 years and 6 of them have been specifically within the Autistic spectrum. I vaguely remember the scandal in the 90’s about giving your child the MMR vaccine would give your child Autism (and actually Colitis but in the generic form not specifically UC) that was in the form of the Lancet paper. Autism as I was taught during many many training sessions over the years is thought to be caused by the synapses in the brain not forming properly during pregnancy. These synapses are what send the electrical currents in the brain and if they aren’t aligned in a certain way they can cause issues. There is nothing you can do to cause it either; a colleague once said that a paediatrician told him that it is a miracle that some people are born with nothing wrong since conception is just basically a bunch of cells bashing together to form a person.

These issues are basically how the brain compartmentalises (like internal filing) things that we sense, act or learn and even how we learn. For me people really need to start backing off the idea that if you have Autism that you are broken; some of the worlds greatest minds have Autism – Nikola Tesla, Temple Grandin and Albert Einstein amongst many others. It is a spectrum disorder which like any disorder/illness affects individuals all in different ways. Often children are diagnosed as toddlers which is when we learn developmental skills, which in turn is often when we notice a child has certain tendencies. But I would rather my child be diagnosed early so that they learn the coping mechanisms that work for them rather than hit puberty or adulthood and find that they are still finding what causes them to go into crisis. Also who doesn’t want their child to change the world? Seriously go google famous Autistic adults, however like I said above it does affect people in different ways but each person is special in their own right.

Yes, I clearly have had arguments with people over the claims of the vaccine causing Autism, in fact one time I was waiting for a CT scan and laid it on a bit thick that this woman was putting all her beliefs that her grandchild had Autism because of the vaccine, all because of some discredited, falsified and manipulated report. She did shrink back into herself a bit and I don’t even think I’m sorry to this day.

I understand that some people don’t want to immunise their children for other reasons and although I may not agree with them each to their own when bringing up children as there certainly isn’t a manual! I would rather immunise my children against the possibility of measles, mumps and rubella, plus others as I don’t like the idea of passing it on to another poor unsuspecting child, who may not have a great immune system as it is. Even as a teen I was given the option of accepting or refusing to be vaccinated against TB and Polio, as I already had an auto immune disease I was definitely not taking any chances. Heck I get the flu jab every year too! I gave Ra-Ra her own choice this year of having the flu nasal spray since she had it last year and told her in terms she could understand what it was and she accepted.

The most ludicrous reason I have heard (yep more than the Lancet paper) is that the vaccines are all part of a government cover up and they are implanting all sorts of crazy watchdog style micro-bodies into our bloodstream….yeah told you it was laughable! But you will always find conspiracy theorists within any topic, I do find some of them quite interesting even if I don’t believe (all of) them.

This ramble was basically inspired by someone recently who made me feel like a sheep getting Button immunised last month. If I have offended I apologise but these are my views and you are entitled to your own; in an ideal world there wouldn’t be the need to immunise anyone but until that day I will always be positive about immunisations.

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