What my 4 year old Thinks About Stomas

I thought I would do a quick interview with Ra-Ra; after she was so helpful with my bag change video which you can watch here and don’t forget to subscribe!

interview with my 4 year old

What’s your name? Lyra-Beth

How old are you? 4

What is your favourite colour? purple, pink, blue and yellow

What is your favourite film? Frozen

What do you like to do best? Painting and arts and crafts

What are you looking forward too? School

What’s the best thing about you? I play with my baby brother and read him stories

Do you know how old you were when mummy got her stoma? Nope (you were 2)

Do you know why mummy got her stoma? You were poorly

Would you say I have an ileostomy, colostomy or urostomy ( I explained these as watery output, thick output and urine)? Colostomy (nope an ileostomy although she is adamant I have thick output!)

Do you think mummy having a stoma is a good thing? Yeah

Why? Because you’re healthy

Did mummy used to spend a lot of time in hospital? Yeah

Do you know what a stoma does? Poop (I explained the difference between a urostomy and the bowel types)

How often do you think I have to change my bag? Just sometimes, because sometimes it leaks (ha ha)

Do you have anything with a stoma on? Yes 2 teddies and a doll (ICEOF gastronaut puppet)

Is there anything bad about my stoma? Your poop is stinky!

What makes mummy different from other mummies? Because you cuddle me more (I guess that’s because of the fatigue)

Did you know little kids have stomas? I had forgotten that

Did you that mummy having her stoma helped her get pregnant with baby Button? Oh yeah!

Did you know lots of people have stomas? Yes of course I do?

Did you realise most of the people at the support group had stomas? Nope

Do you think having a stoma is a bad thing? No way! It’s awesome it means you can be a proper mummy (I always thought I was a bad mum to her from being so poorly)

If one of your school friends had a stoma what would you say tor them? You look great today (aww)

Did you enjoy helping me change my bag? Yes it was fantastic!

I hope you can appreciate my 4 year old scatter brains answers to my little interview. What does your child think about your stoma?

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