Look for a Book!

This week I was introduced to this lovely way of encouraging kids to read and get outside! Its basically a hide and go seek with books; the idea is you go out and find books with your kids, read the book and then hide it again.

It has really taken off in the North East and I was added by one of my friends into the Facebook group for North Yorkshire and then I found the North East group. It is such a nice idea and a way of helping clearing out the books your little ones have grown out of and allowing other kids to benefit from the joy of reading.

What I like about it is it adds an excitement element to reading; from what I’ve noticed in the groups is that the kids are actually wanting to read the books they find, even if it is just so they can hide it again. The books that they have read prior they just get to hide it somewhere else.

They can be hid on council estates, parks, on the high street and obviously days outs the list is as endless as your imagination! We went round our village and hid five books a book from both of them and two each. WE wrapped each book in a poly pocket and left a note kind of explaining what to do. I wish I had seen some others which have a sheet attached where you add the kids name (first name for safety) age and where they hid it. That kind of reminds me the balloons we let off in the 90’s (yes the 90’s was a bad decade for so may reasons)

I love the simplicity of the idea and it can be done so cheaply – with your own books, from the pound shop or even a charity shop. I read so much as a kid from being chronically ill and it still to this day is one of my favourite hobbies, it is also one of Ra-Ra’s favourite things especially as now she can actually read. The last few months have been quite exciting as Button actually brings books over to read. It also has tied in nicely with the summer reading challenge we have signed up too.

If you want to join in with this just go to Facebook and search “Look for a Book” followed by your local area and share photos of your books or the ones your children have found.

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