Poorly Babies and Poorly You

Being sick yourself is bad enough in itself what when you have serious fatigue and possibly pain. Whether you are “normal” person sick or chronically sick or both being responsible for little bundles of joy is even more difficult. But the true torture is being either type of sick with poorly babies too!

Yesterday I had a partial blockage which the pain was utterly horrific, you may have seen my Instagram story of me laying on the floor in pain. Well it only got worse at the kids bedtime… Ra-Ra said her tummy was hurting when I read her a story, I didn’t read much into it and 00Steve asked if I could get her some calpol after he had put Button down to sleep. I’m walking round the house bent over like an old lady as the pain ripples through (swear down I think partial blockages can be worse than full blockages) I swallow some codeine as I get the calpol upstairs. I literally get downstairs and start washing up the pots from my tea and 00Steve starts shouting about a carpet cleaner and Ra-Ra is apologising.

Needless to say I run up with the spray carpet cleaner not the machine like he ended up needing cue moaning, to find his leg had been covered in projectile vomit and so was her bedroom floor. Ra-Ra tells me she thinks the meatballs she had at lunchtime were too big and that is why she is being sick (ha ha ha) bless her. One bed change, a shower, carpet cleaned, bed and skirting board disinfected and a clean set of pj’s later we think we have it sorted. I made a bed of blankets under her “castle” bed so I could sleep with her and allow 00Steve to get some sleep. Then she is darting off to be sick again and cue another set of pj’s and settled into our blanket fort.

Downstairs in the kitchen we are chatting and thinking we could hear her being sick again but she was fine, we hear another little cough and I check on little mister to find him shivering under a mountain of undigested pasta. He has never been “big kid” sick before so this was quite scary for him, team effort again to take him out of his clothes and strip the bed. 00Steve gave Button a shower whilst I disinfected his cot and took the washing downstairs. Not 5 minutes after that he vomited again over me and his clothes, I think we changed him 3 more times. I knew my blockage was still going strong when I vomit a small amount but that shifted the blockage thankfully.

All night my stomach was sore and kept filling up so I didn’t get the vomiting but the diarrhoea which other than volume I do know how to contend with since having my ileostomy. As I laid in the blanket fort squished to the side of the slide Button in the middle of Ra-Ra and myself I desperately tried to get to sleep. Each time I managed one of them woke up and vomited. When Button did it he would choke and refuse to sit up. I am truly glad he was laid next to me in case he aspirated or something worse. I would lay him on his side on a towel to catch anything and once he settles he would fling himself onto Ra-Ra to cuddle her. She made me laugh when he started being sick after we had all laid down as she cried “Don’t let him be sick on me!” but she was half asleep and didn’t even have her eyes open.

So this morning I was truly shattered and my stoma was sore from the high output, but I managed to nap for an hour with Button and get some of the laundry done. Ra-Ra and I managed cheese omelettes then after 00Steve came home we had some toast. I am barely keeping my eyes open and my output is still high but the kids stopped being sick from about 5 am so that is a bonus. Hopefully I don’t get any worse as tomorrow I am up at the hospital for a tilt table test which I will write about later this week. Also big shout out to the friends who offered to help if I needed anything.

How do you deal with being poorly and then your child being sick too?

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