Two thirds complete!

We have two weeks left of the summer holidays left and I have to admit I got a little sad about it then Ra-Ra was rude and the sadness dripped away and I was left with relief! So what have we bee up too this week? Have I started running out of activity ideas yet? Well read on to find out!

Rocky Road

Ra-Ra and I made some rocky road on Saturday. It is something we have never made before and it turned out really well which is always a nice surprise! We didn’t do much else but the kids got a lot of playtime together and I think it will be a shock for Button when she goes back to school.

Baking Breakfast

Ra-Ra made pain au chocolat and croissants for everyone for a continental breakfast. Then went for a family Sunday lunch out just the four of us which we haven’t done in awhile.

Cinnamon Rolls

Monday Ra-Ra made some cinnamon rolls for her Button and 00Steve. She particularly enjoyed doing the icing. Then she picked what she wanted for tea which was to help me make chicken pie – although there was no helping in the end!

Tap Dance

On Tuesday Ra-Ra and I did the activity sheets from the library and Button read his books. Later she had her solo tap lesson from one of the best dancers her dance school has. She is learning a routine for the dance competitions later this year. Then we went and got more books from the library.

Books, Shop’s and Den’s

Then on Wednesday Button had me read the books I got from the library – he really is a little book worm. Ra-Ra read her books, then we played shops and made a den. Shops was really easy activity we just kept hold of some of our recycling and used some of our change from the change jar.

Family time

Thursday we popped to see my Nanna, my brother and his two kids came too which was nice. Then I went and got my wisdom tooth removed under general anaesthetic whilst 00Steve took the kid to the park and to his mums.

National tell a joke day

Then on Friday we didn’t do much in reality. We spent time watching films (the second Harry Potter spin off is SO much better than the first) then Ra-Ra took it upon herself to teach Button jokes. She relished in the fact he was actually joining in and copying her.

What have you and your little cherubs been up too? If you are getting stuck for ideas on things to do please feel free to check out other posts in this series!

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