Halfway through the summer holidays

Summer we are halfway there! Ooooohhhh living on a prayer take my hand and we will make it I swear! I am not ashamed that I just sung Bon Jovi at the beginning of my post at all! But we have made it, we are halfway through the summer holidays praise be!

This week I found out that Ra-Ra has a book she needs to write what she has done over the holidays; which dampened my sails as I got her a little notebook to do that in off my own back. She has written out her first week before complaining she was bored but she needs to catch up otherwise she has a LOT to write before school starts!

Alien Crafts

Saturday we went to the Discovery Centre and Ra-Ra participated in an aliens craft which goes hand in hand with the summer readathons theme “space race”. She really enjoyed doing it and it was really nice seeing how well she takes to crafts that require imagination to start rather than copying.

Cheese Scones

Sunday we made cheese scones that actually tasted good rather than having that acidy fizz that comes with too much bicarb/baking powder. They both helped with making them and I enjoyed eating them muhahaha! Ra-Ra made the dough and Button cut them out.

Flower Bracelets

Monday saw quite a few activities – Ra-Ra and I did yoga first thing in the morning whilst Button was still asleep, we went to The Velveteen Rabbit Luncheon Club and tried their new cordials with soda water and finally we made some flower bracelets out of the Mud and Bloom nature activity pack.

Guisborough Woods

Tuesday we met up with one Ra-Ra’s two best friends. It was supposed to be both of them but a sibling sadly got poorly. However we still had a great time in the woods, eating cake and running about. I love that after a whole year apart other than the birthday or odd play date they still ask after each other. They all went to nursery together and when they went to school Ra-Ra obviously goes to a local school whereas the girls don’t.

Nutella Fudge

Wednesday we made some nutella fidge for 00Steve. He loves fudge and he does so much for us all that we thought it would be nice to make something just for him. Although I bet the kids eat some. I’ve never made it before so I used this recipe although I left out the butter.

Planting seeds

Thursday saw us going out really early in the morning so we could go hide some books around the village after being added into a Facebook group which I have wrote about here. Then Button and I planted some spinach and Ra-Ra and I planted some marigolds.

Back to the museum

Friday we watched a couple of episodes of “Sugar Rush” on Netflix which is Ra-Ra’s new obsession hence why we have baked everyday so far. Then she read 2 of her books for the reading challenge. When 00Steve got home we went back to the Dorman museum and Button loved being able to run around this time, then we had McDonalds and bought some baking stuff for Ra-Ra.

So that is what we have done up until the halfway point of the summer holidays. What have you done? Can you believe we are halfway already?

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