Summer Holidays 1/3 Done!!

Yes that’s right we have come out the other side one third of the holidays under our belts. Now don’t get me wrong our babies are only little for such a short space of time but when you are chronically ill or battling mental health issues it can be so daunting. It was scary for me because of both of those reasons but this is my first summer holidays to contend with as Ra-Ra hadn’t started school till last year so having two kids at home for me was normal, but now I want to do things she will get things out of.

00Steve has been away this week with his brothers and if I’m honest it was the week of the holidays I was dreading the most but we managed it!

Pine cone bird feeders

Saturday marked the start of week two of the holidays and we decided to get crafty. Ra-Ra loves nature and Button particularly likes watching the birds so DIY bird feeders was two birds with one stone. Yes I know I’m not funny but I also don’t give two hoots (oh dear) These were super simple to do you just need pine cones, string, peanut butter and mixed seeds. It pelted it down so we hung them on the hanger until a drier day to dot them around the garden.

Planting indoor veggies

On Sunday we got out an indoor planting kit that 00Steve found last year for Ra-Ra’s birthday. This made a lot of mess and it wasn’t even the kids fault! It was just a badly made piece of kit but it has already sprouted some radishes so that is the main thing. Just waiting on the carrots and spring onions now.

Baking “unicorn” biscuits

Monday we baked “unicorn” biscuits which were essentially spiral biscuits. One half of the dough was made pink and rolled together. They weren’t as crunchy as I like biscuits so they were probably more like sugar cookies.

Park Life

On Tuesday after a short downpour of rain we walked round to the village park. It was the first time I have taken Button for a walk without his trike or pram and my god it was trying! More because he wanted carrying every 10 ft or so. At the park his two best friends were there and a couple of Ra-Ra’s friends from school.

Dorman Museum

Wednesday we took the bus up to Middlesbrough and had a McDonalds before walking to the Dorman Museum which was free. There was a little exhibit you had to pay for which you got an activity pack. There is a paid activity in the education centre the one we did was an African collar. We also got a little trail sheet for 50p and there are a few different ones you can do too which Ra-Ra really enjoyed. It was really pretty good to be fair and Button loved the dinosaur in one of the exhibits. We will probably go back this summer and do a different trail but take 00Steve.

Yorkshire Day

Thursday was Yorkshire Day and being the proud Yorkshire family we are we went to the Discovery Centre to try some Yorkshire based food items. Whilst we were there we signed up to the summer readathon. Then we went and got our hair cut – Button’s was done just before his birthday but Ra-Ra and mine hadn’t been done since Christmas.

PJ day

Friday we had a pj day and did some of the reading for the summer readathon. I read both of Button’s book choices and Ra-Ra read the three little pigs. She still has one left to red to catch up for the two weeks elapsed of the summer holidays.

If you missed what we did last week please click here! What have you lovely lot been doing with your little mischief makers?

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