Surviving the Summer Holidays one week at a time!

So we have had the first week of the summer holidays over and done with and this one was the easy week where 00Steve and family have been around to help out or make days out easier. I figured each week I would write about what we have done and hopefully give you some ideas. Even if you aren’t in the same area as me it may give you inspiration for local areas you have.

Harley’s Baptism

On the Saturday we attended our youngest nephew’s baptism which was lovely. There were plenty of kids for my two to play with plus they got to play with their Pampy who lives in Cornwall so that was a treat for them.

Captain Cook’s Monument

Sunday we started the day off with a breakfast at our favourite cafe The Velveteen Rabbit Luncheon Club – although just as we got to the door my bag decided to pop so cue me legging it back home for a bag change. I managed to persuade 00Steve’s Dad to join us for a walk up Captain Cook’s Monument which has stunning views of the Cleveland Way. Then we went back to my brother and sister in laws house for a family BBQ.

Family trip to Whitby

Is it really summer without a trip to the seaside? Monday we went to Whitby, it was warm but windy. 00Steve was talking to his Dad and he had said how much he loves Whitby and whilst he was up we decided to take him. We invited 00Steve’s brother Roberto and his wife Stace and obviously our nephew Harley. It was the first time Harley had been to the seaside, on a boat and had fish. Stace was happy as we found a fish and chip shop/restaurant that sold gluten free batter – Robertsons I think it was called on the Abbey side of the harbour for anyone interested! We always have to go on a boat when we go as it is where I decided I fancied 00Steve, oh and the flavoured ice creams! Our favourites at the moment are cappuccino, butterscotch and pecan, cookies and cream.

Family picnic

On Tuesday we baked cakes to cheer my two sad potatoes up after their Pampy had to go home. I then cooked off some mini sausage rolls, made sandwiches, bought some fruit and little extras. When 00Steve got home from work we all got ready and had a walk through the village and the back way along the river in the vain hope we wouldn’t hit a load of tourists! We found a nice spot ate our picnic then they had a run about on the football fields.

Wednesday I didn’t get a photo but we had a chilled morning and then when 00Steve got home from work he put up Button’s bouncy castle come paddling pool we bought for his birthday.

Aysgarth Falls

Thursday saw a really early start getting the 07:40 ish bus to Northallerton so we could meet 00Steve at 9 am to spend as much time at Aysgarth Falls as we could before having to go to my PIP assessment. Growing up in Northallerton for it’s many flaws was perfectly located for days out being in between the Yorkshire Dales and the North Yorkshire Moors (we practically live on the border of the NY Moors National Park) We haven’t been to the falls since Button was maybe 10 days old on 00Steve’s first fathers day as a Dad of two.

Newham Grange Farm

Friday we met up with Roberto, Stace and Harley to visit a local petting farm. We have been visiting every year or so since we moved here 5 years ago and it has been nice to watch it get better with each visit. Besides what kid doesn’t like doing things with their cousins? Mine certainly do and they have plenty of them. There was crazy golf, willow maze, toy ride on tractors, soft play and an activity room. I think we (00Steve) paid £12.80 for a family of four.

Hopefully some of these days out have given you some ideas for the remaining weeks of the summer holidays. I will break down my weeks as they go on and I can tell you that this was probably the most action packed one we will have!!

What are your go too days out or activities to do with the kids during the summer holidays? Let’s face it none of us have hidden money trees or find it easy to be that parent that does lots of stuff with the kids – so let’s help each each other out!

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