Another week bites the dust!

We have made it to week 5 people! I think you all deserve a pat on the back for that! I don’t feel like we have had a super busy week this week that might be because I have managed to get a lot of blog admin done not just for this blog but for the blog over at Comfizz too.

Singing at her teachers wedding

On Saturday Ra-Ra got the privilege and pleasure to sing at her reception teachers wedding as she is part of her school’s choir. She absolutely loved doing this and received a little hand stamped heart with her name on it and a homemade ice cream. Whilst she was at the ceremony 00Steve, Button and I went for a pub lunch across the street.

Forbidden Corner

Sunday saw the most expensive day I had planned for the holidays and that was going to The Forbidden Corner just outside of Middleham in the Yorkshire Dales. 00Steve and I have been a few times together and have been when we were kids. The whole reason I wanted to go was to finish finding all of the “clues” or points of interest and we finally did it. The kids loved finding little hidden statues and the labyrinths – Button has a great sense of direction it seems. Ra-Ra really hated the water jets and at one point abandoned her brother and saved herself! Afterwards we used our English Heritage memberships for the first time this year and stopped off at Middleham castle on the way home. It was Richard III’s favourite place of residence.

Hapa Zome

Monday could have ended up being a disaster with missing buses and buses being late but it worked out in the end. In the morning Ra-Ra and I did hapa zome which is a Japanese flower printing technique and included in this months Mud and Bloom box. We both really enjoyed doing this. Then in the afternoon she spent some time with her aunty and Zack.

Tappa Tappa Tappa

5 points to anyone who knew that was a Simpson’s reference! Ra-Ra practised her full tap solo with music on the Tuesday. she tried really hard and also got some stretches to do which will help with her acro.

Experimental kitchen!

Wednesday we spent the day and our last 5 eggs making different cookie variations. Which were – chocolate orange (the kids loved these) mint chocolate (the kids did not like these but 00Steve did) chocolate chips and hazelnuts (my favourite) white chocolate and cranberry (00Steve’s favourite) and last but not least plain dark chocolate.

Dress up

So we had a quiet day on Thursday; the kids played board games (yes Button managed some) and dressed up – Button as a dragon and Ra-Ra as a witch. She then found a stuff your own unicorn kit in her room and sat and did that.

Sibling playdate

Lastly on Friday we had a fairly lazy day; the morning was board games – when I say board games it is stuff like gooey Louie or pop up pirate etc Button seems to really enjoy doing these with Ra-Ra (I think he will be lost when she goes back to school) I had a rheumatology appointment in the afternoon and then Ra-Ra helped jet wash 00Steve’s car. Her and Button took advantage of the nice evening and played outside in the back garden.

How have you been faring with the holidays? Has it been plain sailing or are you ready to put the white flag out? If you are stuck for ideas don’t forget to check out last weeks post.

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