Toucan Boxes For Children Of Chronically Sick Parents

As much as we all love our children sometimes we just don’t have the energy to play with them or do something educational. I know I have resorted to letting the tablet or TV sort of parent Ra-Ra and it really saddens me that even after my surgery I have had those days. But recently I have found out about Toucan boxes..

The boxes have our child’s name on the front and let’s face it we all like receiving things through the post that aren’t bills etc and nowadays it’s not like when we were kids and the postman had the possibility of something exciting that wasn’t a god damn chain letter. So these boxes have the excitement element for kids which I always think is quite nice.

I have really quite enjoyed sitting and watching Ra-Ra play or read to herself and these boxes have definitely got the thumbs up from both Ra-Ra and me! To the point when the last one came through the letterbox she squealed “My Toucan box!” then ran through with it.

toucan box

I like the fact each box is themed and your child actually learns something be it; a new skill or a fact. The second box came with a booklet for the adult/parent and talk about the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and the National Curriculum and how they incorporate it into the boxes with each box relating directly to one of the skills which are; maths, science, literacy, art and design, humanities (history and geography) physical development, computing and logic.


So far we have had a pirate box where Ra-Ra used a tea bag to make a treasure map, coloured and added feathers to a parrot. A Kings and Queens box where she stuck jewels onto a felt crown, coloured in finger puppets. Plus the latest one a Halloween box where she got to make a felt Jack O’Lantern. Each box has a booklet which has added extras in such as puzzles, colouring pages and drawing sections, some have a “cooking” section which sticks with the theme.toucan box

We have a sticker chart which allows Ra-Ra with each box to collect a sticker and have the choice of a free item at different stages of the chart. The box itself can be turned into a picture frame for any artwork they want to display, but the best bit is that each box comes with everything you need to do the activity (obviously certain things aren’t included but let’s be realistic here!)

If you would like to try the toucan box for yourself you can use my code stephanie-9s35 – to receive a free toucan box. They come in different sizes; petite which is fortnightly and includes one big craft, grande which is monthly and includes two big crafts, super which is also monthly and includes four big crafts. Each are at varying prices to suit your budget.

Do you already use a subscription box or something similar for your child(ren)? Does your child seem to benefit from it? What do you like about it? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. I had no idea that they did subscription boxes for kids?! What a fab idea! Your little Ra-Ra looks like she loved playing with hers! Thank you so much for joining in with the #HoneybeeLinky lovely, see you at the next one I hope! xxx

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