Tilt Table Test

Tilt Table Test

You may have seen last week on my social media stories (yes sometimes I remember to post on them!) that I was going in for a procedure that I hadn’t had before and was incredibly anxious about and that test was the Tilt Table Test. My rhuematologist requested it for me as I had been having some particularly bad dizzy spells which the GP decided it was pre-fainting. The B12 injections have helped somewhat but still not 100% better. I spent the hour before the test in full anxiety attack mode it really wasn’t fun. Read more

Yorkshire Pudding Day!

Yorkshire Pudding Day

So today I was scrolling through social media like it was the morning newspaper and saw a post about it being Yorkshire Pudding Day and looked it up and yes yes it is! So I pointed it out to 00Steve decided he would have them along with his lasagne and chips (yes he actually did eat them alongside his lasagne however this is the man who has eaten spag bol inside a giant Yorkshire pudding!) I thought in the spirit of the amazing delicacy from my home county I would share my recipe that so far has always come out well but a little bit of attention is needed. Read more

Final Curtain Call

Final Curtain Call - IBD and Ostomy Support Show

As you may know by now I have bowed out from The IBD and Ostomy Support Show; I wanted to announce it myself but wasn’t given that chance or even given the heads up that it would be announced. This disappointed me greatly as it showed a lack of respect of the friendships we had created. However I understand that the show must go on. I wanted to talk about my reasons behind why my last episode was my final appearance as a co-presenter. Read more

Behind the Social Media Smiles

Behind the Social Media Smiles

Social media can be a wonderful thing but it can also have quite a negative effect on ourselves when we see such orchestrated perfection from others, everyone knows or I hope they know you shouldn’t take social media on face value. Whilst I do try to be honest on my social media platforms there are times where I don’t want to share my ugly snotty crying face when anxiety hits or when I am low, nor do I always want to share a photo of my kids being pains in the arse which like all kids can be they frequently are – mainly for me the little oiks. My life isn’t all smiles and cute cuddles and from scratch home cooked meals but why don’t I post the “real life” shiz? Read more

25 Minute Trick

25 Minute Trick

Hello everyone today I wanted to share a trick I have been using to keep me motivated to do not just to do blog stuff but housework or planning things for the family. I have been using this 25 minute trick since maybe November and I have found it really has worked wonders for me when I have been suffering with low mood and a serious lack of motivation; so it is something I feel may help other people in similar situations. Read more

Courgette in a Cake?

Courgette in a Cake

This may not be anything new to some of you but to others the thought of a vegetable that isn’t carrot in a cake may seem completely barmy! It is something I have seen dotted about in independent coffee shops for awhile now and always wanted to try it but didn’t really have the guts. But chatting to my friend who works at the Rabbit I overcame that and made one for a coffee and cake break at mine (only I had coffee practically everyone else had a brew) Read more

What Have I Learnt from Cleaning?

What Have I Learnt from Cleaning

As you may or may not remember I did a post a couple of months back where I talked about 00Steve’s mental health and how it is linked with how tidy the house is and I thought it might be an idea to talk about whether it actually made an impact and what if anything have I learnt  from cleaning the house more regularly. Read more

Tweaking the Current ME

Healthier Me

Happy New Year to all of my lovely readers! I hope you have had a nice time over the holidays and ready to see 2019 in with a fresh look as it is after all a new year with new challenges and experiences; hopefully more good than bad. Although saying that we learn and grow from the not so pleasant things in life. This is NOT a “new year new me” post as in reality I have started to see myself in a less negative light in recent weeks. But I wanted to talk about a revisited challenge I am wanting to embark upon with regards to my mind and body being healthier. Read more