What Have I Learnt from Cleaning?

What Have I Learnt from Cleaning

As you may or may not remember I did a post a couple of months back where I talked about 00Steve’s mental health and how it is linked with how tidy the house is and I thought it might be an idea to talk about whether it actually made an impact and what if anything have I learnt  from cleaning the house more regularly. Read more

Tweaking the Current ME

Healthier Me

Happy New Year to all of my lovely readers! I hope you have had a nice time over the holidays and ready to see 2019 in with a fresh look as it is after all a new year with new challenges and experiences; hopefully more good than bad. Although saying that we learn and grow from the not so pleasant things in life. This is NOT a “new year new me” post as in reality I have started to see myself in a less negative light in recent weeks. But I wanted to talk about a revisited challenge I am wanting to embark upon with regards to my mind and body being healthier. Read more

Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions

Welcome welcome to the ninth day of blogmas! This post is all about the little Christmas traditions my little family have both old and new. Traditions can really make Christmas special not just for yourself but for your kids as well. In fact my fondest memory of Christmas growing up was every December 1st waking up to my Mam playing Christmas music and then obviously waiting for the Coca Cola advert to come on telly but that comes on so early now it doesn’t have the same effect. Read more

Elf and Christmas Jumper Day

Elf and Christmas Jumper Day

Hello and welcome to the eight day of blogmas! Yes this one is backdated thankfully just by a day as it has been pretty hectic and yesterday annoyingly I was in a state of panic for most of the day. But I thought I would share some bits Ra-Ra has done with school in the lead up to the Christmas break… Elf and Christmas jumper days. Read more

Christmas Parties

Christmas Party

I am not the biggest lover of socialising at Christmas and to be fair not really in general this year. However since Ra-Ra started school I have actually made some friends in the village that don’t just want to go to the pub all the time. Don’t get me wrong we have still had the odd night that revolves around alcohol but it has mainly coffee mornings. We have had a pottery painting night, gin and cheese night and we also had a mum’s Christmas party. Read more

Pizza Toast

Now this isn’t strictly festive but for me with running around after the kids, going to work and trying to do a million other things I often struggle to think of something quick, easy but not junk food for the kids to eat – well not just the kids but us as well! So let me introduce you to something my Dad used to make when I was a kid! Pizza toast! Read more