Christmas Parties

Christmas Party

I am not the biggest lover of socialising at Christmas and to be fair not really in general this year. However since Ra-Ra started school I have actually made some friends in the village that don’t just want to go to the pub all the time. Don’t get me wrong we have still had the odd night that revolves around alcohol but it has mainly coffee mornings. We have had a pottery painting night, gin and cheese night and we also had a mum’s Christmas party. Read more

Pizza Toast

Now this isn’t strictly festive but for me with running around after the kids, going to work and trying to do a million other things I often struggle to think of something quick, easy but not junk food for the kids to eat – well not just the kids but us as well! So let me introduce you to something my Dad used to make when I was a kid! Pizza toast! Read more

Ra-Ra’s Nativity

Ra-Ra's Nativity

Today I want to be a proud parent and wife for the whole post okay? Well it’s happening regardless and that is because I want to talk to you about Ra-Ra’s first school nativity! Last year in nursery she got to be a shepherd and enjoyed herself but this time whilst doing “Little Red Robin” with all three years in her school she got to sing and dance and be the “glittering star” which to people who hadn’t heard of this rendition of the original nativity (like me and 00Steve) is basically the star of Bethlehem. Read more

Zimpli Kids Gelli Baff

Zimpli Kids Gelli Baff

The lovely people over at Zimpli Kids sent me some samples of some of their products to try. Gelli Baff “Lava”, “Slime” and “Snowballs”. This is something 00Steve had bought for some of Ra-Ra’s friends for their birthdays recently and we wanted to try it for our own little cherubs so it was perfect timing really. Read more

Beauty and the Beast Panto

Beauty and the Beast Panto

Helllloooo you lovely lot! Are we are ready for the big C? You know when the jolly “fat” man comes down from the North Pole and delivers presents….or coal! Thankfully gift wise I am ready which is impressive for me and they are all wrapped and ready to go. Can’t say the same for my Christmas cards though! I decided to do 12 Days of Blogmas to talk about what I do with my family around the festive season or things that are seasonally related! This post is obviously backdated as Ra-Ra and I went to the panto and it was late finishing then I had her nativity and that is on again tonight so I will write about that too; but without further ado…. Read more

Mental Health and IBD

Mental Health Issues from IBD

Day 6 of Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness week I thought I would briefly touch on some mental health issues that arose from having Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Let’s face it any long term or chronic illness can get you down and affect your mood greatly; it is widely known that low mood can accentuate pain and vice versa it is definitely a vicious circle. Mental health can be a bit tricky at the best of times but throw in something like chronic illness and your mental health can take a nosedive pretty quickly. Read more

A Parent’s Memory of IBD

A Parents Memory of IBD

For day 5 of Crohn’s and Colitis awareness week I asked my mam if she would write a little bit on what it was like for her being a parent of a child with IBD. I wanted people who are also parents of children with IBD to know they aren’t alone and those of us who are the child to have an insight what it was like for our parents.  At first she found it really hard as so much of it made her angry and upset thinking about it, she seems to focus on my stay in Leeds General Infirmary which was probably when I was at my worst and surgery was first mentioned which I declined – funny how you remember things once you read someone else’s account! She remembers things differently to me and considering I not only blocked most of it out but I was on a lot of pain medication so it’s hazy anyway it isn’t surprising. Read more

Dating with IBD

Dating with IBD

Due to DBT and work day four of my Crohn’s and Colitis awareness week post is again backdated! Hopefully you all understand! Today’s post is all about how I found dating with Ulcerative Colitis; baring in mind that from the age of 10 I got poorly and by the time I started dating or being interested in boys I had had my diagnosis for 4 years which meant if people didn’t like it, it was tough shit hahaha pun totally intended! Also I do apologise for the swear to any younger people that maybe reading this post. Read more