Halloumi and Chickpea Taco’s

Halloumi and Chickpea Taco

So today marks the start of vegetarian week and what better way to start trying to get back into my Meatless Monday’s posts than today! This recipe is one I really enjoy and makes a nice change to meat taco’s. Besides who doesn’t enjoy a good taco? You can add more veggies or swap out the toppings for whatever you like. To make more than a 2 person serving just double up the ingredients! Plus this recipe we make our own taco spice mix which you may be surprised about what you actually have in your cupoard already.

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Life with Steroid Resistant Ulcerative Colitis (PoPSTER)

Life with Steroid Resistant Ulcerative Colitis

So recently I was asked along with other Ulcerative Colitis warriors as we most definitely are warriors to provide an insider perspective on the PoPSTER study based out of Sheffield University. The study will be branched out further to other ulcerative colitis patients who have found their disease to be resistant to steroids. I thought it might be interesting to share the answers I wrote for the questions so I could offer more input than just looking at the questions. This is broken down into 4 main sections with subsections so it will more than likely be multiple posts.

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Accidental VS Planned Overdose – Are You Treat Differently?

Accidental VS Planned Overdose are you treat differently

Some of you may have noticed I have been quiet on the blog recently and that is because I have been fighting with incredibly low mental health for awhile now and that contributed to making what will be the biggest mistake of my life and nearly tore my whole world apart. In reality I have no one else to blame but myself.

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Beyond Definition; A New Way To Carry Your Supplies

Beyond Definition; a new way to carry ostomy supplies

These items were gifted for an honest review. At first glance these products from Beyond Definition are very classic and no fuss which really is what you want when needed easy access to your supplies but also don’t want to bring attention to what you are carrying. These items although unisex I feel are geared towards the male ostomates and I think personally that is fantastic; as a female ostomate there are so many things out there for us and I often think that the men are just left to get on with it.

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Do Medication Side Effects Vary When There Is A Gap In Between Taking Them?

Do medication side effects change after a gap in taking them?

So that could well be the longest title I have ever written but I couldn’t think of another way to write it if I’m completely honest. In all seriousness though has anyone else noticed that when they stop taking medication for a period of time and start taking them again that the side effects they experience change?

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Product Review – Dansac TRE

Dansac TRE Product Review

In my time as an ostomate there has been two companies that I consistently use that works well for my skin and that is Dansac and Peak Medical (EuroTec) Dansac was the first product I tried as it is the company that my hospital hand out and last year when I did my ostomy training as part of my job one of my lovely nurses Judith brought me a bag full of supplies as I didn’t receive any due to a little mix up with my delivery company. When she asked what I was using I just said I can use Peak or Dansac comfortably and she brought me a box of Novalife and a box of TRE. Read more