Sorry for The Absence

sorry for the absence

I’ve been really run down and not able to get enough quality sleep, which when you work nights isn’t good at all! It especially doesn’t help with the chronic fatigue either! Probably dehydrated too but I think as the weather gets warmer I think I will have to make more effort to drink more. But that isn’t the only reason for my absence. Read more



I fought very hard to get to see a dietitian because I knew I really needed some help with my base diet so I can try and get healthier. So I went to see the dietitian yesterday and she was saying she is quite happy with my food variation but I can obviously do things to make it better and more well rounded, which will ultimately benefit me. Read more

Ostomy O-Week Part 1!

ostomy o-week part 1 surgery

So my aussie friend Laura over at stomalicious has held an Orientation for Ostomates on her instagram. This is by ostomates for ostomates but is helping raise awareness for those who maybe getting a stoma at some point., we talk a lot about surgery in this post.

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