Why I Feel Lucky to Blog

Why I Feel Lucky to Blog

So for today’s blogtober post I thought I would talk about why I feel lucky to blog since I have spoken about why I started my blog. Some people really do think bloggers have an easy ride and that all they do is expect stuff for free. This isn’t the case at all for many bloggers. I have asked for items to review but often these are items I genuinely want to try and aren’t overly expensive either. But receiving the odd item here and there isn’t what makes me feel lucky to blog at all… Read more

A Storm with Skin

A Storm with Skin

So as this month continues I thought I would share another passion of mine which is fiction writing. I started this novel a few years ago and it has been pushed to the wayside a bit which is a shame as I really enjoyed writing it, but who knows maybe I will learn to find better uses of my time and get back into it especially as the plan and timeline (and map!) had been written out before I even started writing. So here is the first chapter of “A Storm with Skin”. Read more

Why do I Love Autumn?

Why do I Love Autumn? - Blogtober

Autumn is my favourite season and has been for as long as I can remember, I love love LOVE it! People often say they feel happier in Summer (probably due to that good ole vitamin D) but that isn’t the way with me; I hate bugs, eating outdoors, the sun creating glare when I’m trying to read etc. Yet there is something about autumn that just makes me so happy and chilled out, in this Blogtober post I will tell you why this is!

Read more

My Autumn Clothing Must Haves

My Autumn Clothes Must Haves

I just adore chunky knits and corduroy and the best time of year to buy all those types of clothes is autumn! The shops are literally teaming with them, I mean I get excited about getting a new coat or boots all of which 00Steve thinks I don’t need more of which is just ridiculous! Of course I do! Read more

The Difference Between Pampering and Self Care

What's the difference between pampering and self care?

You often see self care Sunday hashtag captioned under a face mask/bubble bath image on Instagram. Although this is in a sense self care as the person may need some quiet or alone time, but really it is an indulgence and falls under pampering. In this post I am going to look at the difference’s plus how each person’s needs are so varied too. Read more

Asparagus and Feta Risotto

Feta and Asparagus Risotto

This week’s Meatless Monday is a staple for me as it doesn’t take too long to prep and cook and that is Asparagus and Feta Risotto. It is a really nice comfort food and a nice change to tomato or parmesan based risotto’s. I remember posting the photo on instagram last year when I first started making it and so many people thanked me for inspiring new flavour combinations which was really nice to hear. Also whenever I read the word risotto I hear my best mate El Husko saying risoootoooe like Ina Garten even though we normally would say it quite abruptly. Read more

Blog Tips! Stand Out From the Crowd – Stationery Jack

stationery jack - stand out from the crowd

Do you find yourself feeling uninspired when it comes to business cards or do you want something a bit different to stand out from the crowd? Well look no further than Stationery Jack! They are a small business that is there to help with all of your organisation and little add on’s that you may use for a small business but I think that this can easily be crossed over into blogging or if you run groups/social media/or work too much. I was lucky enough that I broached them about the idea for this blog post and they accepted. The items shown in this post are a mix of bought and free as they had a sale on over on Facebook and I couldn’t resist! Read more

Make Do and Mend

Make Do and Mend -Relationships

Now and then a relationship can get “samey” and some people tend to find that is when they get bored of the same old things, some feel they need more excitement than what they are getting and more often than not it is life that makes relationships difficult. This idea of relationships always being full of magic and excitement is pretty false and we have Hollywood to blame; however I believe the relationship adapts with our lives and the magic and excitement just looks different to the untrained eye. Read more

Loo Rolls to Lycra – Book Review

Ironman with an ostomy - Loo Rolls to Lycra book review

Normally I leave the book reviews up to Natalie and Rachel; but this was utterly fantastic in fact I went from cover to cover in FOUR hours. Caroline Bramwell has written this book about her battle with Ulcerative Colitis and becoming an Ironman champion. I honestly loved it and I am going to tell you why! Read more

What is Blogtober?

What it Blogtober?

So most bloggers taking part in this month long series called Blogtober will have already talked about what on earth this is and why they are doing it. I haven’t up until now as I do if you read my blog regularly try to post certain things on certain days such as Meatless Mondays and Time to Talk Tuesdays, because of those I wanted my blog still keep it’s usual health theme during this month. Read more