Today Is The Day

today is the day i get my ostomy

I have been awake since 4 am 00Steve was making stupid noises and I just couldn’t get back to sleep fully, part of me thinks I could be worried about getting my ileostomy. So when 6 am rolled round I was not ready to get up and take the morning dose of maxijule. I made coffee for 00Steve and got Ra-Ra up and dressed and we set off to go to my brother and sister in laws. I made a pit stop to give my sisters husband his birthday cards and get spuddle cuddles (eldest nephew) Ra-Ra was a bit unsure of staying at Ted and Sam’s but not because of them, but she had a bad night and knew I was going into hospital today.  Read more

Courage, Dear Heart

courage dear heart


This is something my Boo posted on Facebook and I felt it was quite apt for this week. Be prepared for a longish post! I have just finished my last shift at work for the next 12 weeks as my pre-assesment is tomorrow and my surgery all going well is on Thursday and I’m blooming knackered. Read more

Just A Little Light Reading

a little light reading of bloggers posts

Guess who’s back? Back again! Oh dear me as if I just quoted/sung Eminem in my opening lines. Oh well have an ear worm for the day! I know I said I might not post for a couple of days but sue me! (Not literally I have no money) I figured I would hit up some links of blogs I have read. Some are unfortunately now inactive but still have pretty damn good information in their posts. Some the writing style isn’t entirely everyone’s cup of tea but still useful. So here it goes! Read more