Beyond Definition; A New Way To Carry Your Supplies

These items were gifted for an honest review. At first glance these products from Beyond Definition are very classic and no fuss which really is what you want when needed easy access to your supplies but also don’t want to bring attention to what you are carrying. These items although unisex I feel are geared towards the male ostomates and I think personally that is fantastic; as a female ostomate there are so many things out there for us and I often think that the men are just left to get on with it.

Beyond Definition are a new and upcoming company and although they are small in my mind they have broke into the market with a bang. They are a UK based company which is nice because we all ideally would prefer to support small local businesses. Whilst their products at the moment seem a bit pricey I believe the craftsmanship and quality that have gone into them prove to be worth the price and they are incredibly beautiful timeless pieces. Like any new business the price will always reflect the demand and as more items are bought, the demand goes up and more items are made in bulk which brings the cost down. So currently these items are an investment (can I just point out clearly my GCSE in business studies wasn’t completely a waste for the fact I know that)

They currently have two items on sale the “essentials case” and the “venture case” both are very different but have the same quality design. The essentials case would be perfect for short trips or a night out just to give you that bit of security and confidence. I know many male ostomates that take enough for a bag change and shove it in their back pocket. This probably wouldn’t fit in your back pocket depending the size of your jeans pocket but most blokes coats have proper sized pockets and this would comfortably fit in there.

What I liked about both of these items was the attention to the little details like the logo on the press studs and the company name embossed into the leather. They also are fit for purpose which is something I like the most. Although I do feel the essentials case isn’t suited for me as my bags are convex and have that bit more to them than the flat bags.

The venture case however is definitely something I will get plenty of use out of in the future. It has a handle that doubles up as a hanger as long as you can find a hook (I’m looking at you disabled toilets ) and folds out to have it’s own mini shelf. It has plenty of compartments and it also doesn’t compromise on space in your luggage.

I think Beyond Definition have gone above and *ahem* beyond with their products and I would like to hear more men trying them out as like I said previously these sorts of things tend to be geared up towards women.

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