Vanilla Blush: Bikini and Crotchless Knickers

So I bought myself some more items from Vanilla Blush again, high waisted bikini bottoms, high waisted crotchless underwear and decided to post a review on them.

I bought the bikini bottoms with a pouch in to keep my bag off my skin as I go swimming. This isn’t usually an issue for me but I decided I wanted them anyway!

Please excuse how awful I look! I have been on nights and 00Steve was rushing me!

On the size guide it says they are real sizes to fit real women now the NHS knickers I got from Vanilla Blush are a 10 and fit fine, these don’t.  They are a bit tight but I am sure when my body adjusts back to the size I was before surgery it won’t be too bad.

I also bought some intimacy knickers which is just a more polite way of saying crotchless knickers! Again bought in a 10 and a bit tight, but let’s face I bought them for one reason and one reason alone! Them being a tiny bit tight isn’t going to be what 00Steve notices I’m sure of that!

00Steve approved, the bag didn’t catch or scratch him. They made me feel quite feminine and I would recommend them if you are feeling self conscious in the bedroom. They are especially good for those not wanting to show their bag off or have it flapping about without preventing ahem access!

I would suggest measuring yourself before buying these items or going up a size at least as they aren’t made of cotton they don’t have the same give as the prescription underwear you can get from them. But they are both of good quality, look beautiful and I will wear them even if I have to lose a couple of pounds!

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