Product Review: Convatec Natura Mouldable Bags

I signed up to the Convatec patient information service called me+ and a lady rang me up to see if I had received everything okay; which I had done. She told me about a new appliance that peaked my interest a base plate that you don’t cut…you mould to the shape of your stoma, this post is where I talk about the pro’s and con’s of the product.

The lady that I spoke to I have to give props too as they didn’t have any convex appliances at the time either in stock or for release, yet I received some through the post when they were available without chasing up! So big thumbs up to Convatec there! Although the first thumbs down is that there were 4 base plates with only 3 pouches so I now have a random base plate that I can’t use!

I think these bags have a great deal of promise as an appliance that I would use more frequently which is saying something as I do love my Dansac novalife two piece! The Natura as far as I am aware is only available in a two piece but I do suggest if you fancy trying a two piece these are a great starter!

I have done a little video where I show how the base plate works.

convatec natura


  • the pouch length allows for less emptying
  • the base plate can be moulded to fit any shape and size stoma
  • it can even be smoothed back out to an extent which allows for reshaping
  • the adhesive is like a “dressing” style material and feels secure
  • this also has less “peeling” on the edges
  • they have a pouch system for colostomates, urostomates and ileostomates alike
  • it has a little “lock it” pocket which you can place the spout into
  • the pouch dries relatively quickly


  • the pouch is quite crinkly like a crisp packet
  • securing the pouch to the base plate can be at times difficult
  • the pouch “bobbles” and frays after extended use
  • when output is in the pouch it can look somewhat like a net bag of oranges

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