Confidence BE…..CONVEX!!

So since the release of the confidence BE from Salts Healthcare in 2017 many people have been patiently and not so patiently for the convex version which was released last month. What makes these bags stand out from the rest? Well the main thing is the three colour choices you can have – white, stone and black.

The last bag from Salts I reviewed was back when we did “ostomy bag roulette” and I tried Natalie’s bag. I had been intrigued by the colour and material change when the flat base plates came onto the market but wasn’t prepared to just wing it with a barrier ring underneath the base plate.

In all honesty these bags are very aesthetically pleasing and are very soft to the touch. The material is very similar to the Coloplast Sensura Mio but with more of a velvety touch to it. It has a couple of lines on the bottom that are smoother and other than as decoration the only thing I can think of it being for is friction to stop your clothes from riding up.


  • soft material
  • easy to open spout
  • easy to shut spout
  • can colour coordinate with your outfit if desired
  • rounded edges
  • doesn’t look medical


  • different colours seem pointless to me personally
  • the measurements on the back were very minimal (see video)
  • the standard size seems small – however I am trying the mini and large to see which I prefer

I had to change into the white and stone within 12 hours of each other due to leaking from my output pancaking; this was less than ideal and I have ordered some more samples so this doesn’t bias my opinions. As always I have done a video of me changing my appliance which you can watch here.

I don’t know why it took them so long to bring out the convex version of this appliance however it is a nice bag and one I would be happy to use in the future. Have you ordered your samples yet? If so how did you find them?

2 thoughts on “Confidence BE…..CONVEX!!

  1. The lines on the bottom are something to do with helping to maintain the shape as it fills so it doesn’t drag down… I’m sure they explained this better to me when we talked about it but I’m sure you get the idea lol! Hope that you get on with the next samples better, I use the large sized ones too and have all the colours in stock.

  2. I found my convex really good. The colour choices I think are a real step forward, I like black for the gym, and white for when I’m wearing light & formal shirts. They’re a really good step towards demedicalising the bag. The convex is soft, and sticks amazingly well, really good for the skin. Volume is my issue, I have a high output ileostomy.

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