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In my time as an ostomate there has been two companies that I consistently use that works well for my skin and that is Dansac and Peak Medical (EuroTec) Dansac was the first product I tried as it is the company that my hospital hand out and last year when I did my ostomy training as part of my job one of my lovely nurses Judith brought me a bag full of supplies as I didn’t receive any due to a little mix up with my delivery company. When she asked what I was using I just said I can use Peak or Dansac comfortably and she brought me a box of Novalife and a box of TRE.

TRE is the newest product launched from Dansac and when I tried it last year my skin felt like it was on fire and came out in a rash so within 24 hours I took that off and swapped for the Novalife until my delivery came. I decided that I would try again because there could have been many reasons why my skin was flaring and the main one is that I have a spot or two of eczema where the base plate goes. Sadly within 2 hours of changing to this bag the pain and itchiness was shocking so clearly I am just allergic to this type of adhesive so for me it is brown coloured base plates from now on! However you may be perfectly fine!

What is the difference between the NovaLife and TRE? Well at first glance it is literally the colour of the base plate the NovaLife is a brown/tan like colour and TRE is white/grey. I know a few ostomates that are allergic to the brown adhesive so they *may* be able to wear the TRE obviously your stoma nurse will be able to properly advise you on that. Then second glance that is it really however the Dansac website states:

NovaLife TRE soft convex barriers from Dansac feature innovative technology designed to help keep skin naturally healthy. Offering three levels of protection (pH balance, absorption and adhesion), they work together to help you proactively plan for and address potential peristomal skin problems to promote healthy skin

  • TRE barrier technology designed with three levels of skin protection: pH balance, absorption and adhesion

  • Oval shaped barrier with two-layer: The primary TRE technology layer is close to the stoma and designed to help keep peristomal skin naturally healthy; a secondary outer layer is designed to act as moisture protection to help avoid lifting and rolling

  • 6 mm soft convexity helps push the stoma into the pouch

  • EasiView™ viewing option designed for easy inspection of the stoma

  • NovaLife filter helps minimise the risk of pouch ballooning

  • Soft and water-repellent backing

  • Outlet is discreetly concealed into the shape of the pouch

  • Staggered closure plates are designed for easy handling, emptying, and cleaning

  • Secure Velcro® fastening

The TRE says it is a midi which I usually would wear but this pouch is more like a mini so my review is based on what size I would usually wear. Plus a lot of my pro’s and con’s sort of contradict themselves now this is because what may be a con for me I could see for the wider ostomy community being a positive so for me I feel this is a fairly honest way to review this product.


  • soft material
  • small size works well depending on what you are wearing
  • the base plate is nice and thin which allows movement without worry it is going to pop off like some appliances with petals can
  • the thinner base plate also rolls down less


  • too small for my output and how often I go to the toilet
  • I feel like I can smell the output through the vent
  • I struggle to remove the base plate due to how thin it is

As I always try to do a video which you can find on my YouTube channel. If you have tried this product I would love to know how you have gotten on with it!

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